Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to High School

It's back-to-school time around our parts... and not only for the kids, but for the parents as well.

Last night, Doc H and I went to the our youngest kids' back to school night at their high school. Our youngest daughter is now a senior and our youngest (the one and only boy) is a freshman. 

The school structured the night like an old-fashioned (not their regular block schedule) school day. Parents were instructed to follow their kid's 7 period schedule for 10 minute periods to meet each and every one of their teachers. When the bell rings, parents have 5 minutes to get to the next class before the bell rings again. I attended my daughter's senior classes, while Doc H attended my step-son's freshman classes. 

It kind of felt like high school when we ran into one another in the crowded hall. We shared a big smile while we reached out to touch each other as we whizzed by each other. I felt a pang of nostalgic high school puppy love race through me. High school was great, wasn't it?

And then it REALLY felt like high school when I realized his ex-wife was trailing right behind him, following him... trying to catch up with him. 

Screw high school.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Divorce and Shots

After a quarter of a century, a dear friend of mine confided she is filing for divorce. This is no surprise, as her husband has proven himself a terrible louse of a husband.

In our younger years, we would have spent the three hours sharing our personal drama as we drowned ourselves in liquor. Now we simply drowned ourselves in calories... burgers, cheese, bacon, avocado, fries, cake, ice cream, whipped cream, and even raspberry sauce. For some unknown reason, we held off on the sweetener for our iced tea. I suppose it was our show our restraint, self-control, maturity, and a healthy respect for our diets.

Tears fell as we shared our marriage melt-down stories. I shared my experiences with my divorce, lawyers, dissomasters, and MSAs. Then, finally, my girlfriend got down to the nitty gritty.

"It's been over twenty-five years since I've been out on a date, not to mention had sex with another man," she said in complete disbelief. "How did you do 'it' with a guy after your divorce?"

I'm guessing her thoughts were being influence by the doctor wife label I carry with me as I honestly said, "I had lots of shots before."

Her eyes lit up, "Oh! Are there shots for STDs now that I need to get?! I didn't even know that! I'm so out of touch!"

I rolled my eyes. "Noooooo. Tequila shots!"

We sat across the table staring at each other.

And then we burst out in laughter. We laughed until we cried. And those tears felt good.

Friday, June 27, 2014


I'd like a face-to-face the impatient bonehead who paged Doc H at 2:02am this morning. And, before you go pounding on me for calling out a poor resident... I'm pretty sure this was NOT a resident. We all know they are moving about the country right now.  Plus Doc H is pretty forgiving when it comes to residents. He was not all that forgiving with regards to this one.

At the pager's demand, Doc H immediatley extracted himself out of our bed, made a bee-line for the rest room where he splashes some cold water on his face in an effort to make sure he's awake to make sound decisions. This action takes no more than 60 seconds. In all honesty, it's probably more like 30 seconds.

As I lay listening to the bathroom water run, and despite the stabbing pain of the pager to my eardrums,  I'm desperately trying to retreat back into my dark and dreamy cocoon.

At this point, I'm feeling pretty confident about my chances of beating this particular battle against the pager. Doc H is tip-toeing around in the bathroom. The kids are sleeping, the dogs are sleeping, and  the annoying mocking bird who has decided to take up residence in the tree outside our bedroom has even quieted his nocturnal squawks.

Approximately thirty seconds ago the pager went off. Doc H is preparing to return the page. Other than his stealth-like movements, the house is still.

I exhale, giving my body permission to relax and meld itself with my bed. I'm making my way back to dreamland.

Thirty seconds, maybe sixty.

Home phone begins ringing incessantly! Thank God, I don't sleep with a loaded gun on my nightstand. The phone sitting on my nightstand would've found itself with more holes than the sweater I tried to knit for Doc H last Christmas after returning home from my annual eggnog-a-thon night with my bunko gals.


I don't even bother putting a stop to the ringing. I allow it to continue ringing. I realize my shortcomings. I have nothing nice to say at 2:02am. I mean, I love Jesus, but I'm pretty sure even Jesus can appreciate the importance of sleep at 2:02am. And, I don't want to be the one to set off the inferno that burns bridges at the hospital or with any of Doc H's colleagues... even as enticing as that may seem.

However, I realize a person's life might be at stake. If the hospital is CALLING my house, I assume someone is DYING, BLEEDING INCESSANTLY. So, I let Doc H take care of it without giving him grief. I've never asked that he sleep in a different room when he's on-call, I've never yelled at him to be quiet, or chastised him for turning on lights when he's had to return a page. I call it my "supportive tolerance" of this craziness.

With the pager and phone call less than a minute apart, I deduce a critical emergency is in full throttle. I fully anticipate Doc H to turn on lights, race to the closet to dress, bang around a bit, and run out the door.

Instead, I get a slow, dark stumble back into bed and a huffing gruffling from my Doc H.

Non-emergent test results do not require paging AND CALLING A DOCTOR'S PERSONAL RESIDENCE at 2:02 in the morning!!!

Bonehead. Bonehead.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Balance in medicine

Hi Friends!

Today I'm thrilled to share some exciting news! Our Medical Monday friend and medical intern, Eniola, has published her first novel! Below she shares her background, a brief synopsis of the novel, and even a GIVEAWAY! Please enter and support Eniola as she debuts her novel!  ~ YDW

Balance in medicine...

When I was in medical school I was pretty obsessed with medical school and all things medical. One day,  I realized that I needed balance in my life. So what exactly did I do to find balance I wrote a novel about being in med school IN medical school. 
Medical school was a very interesting and exciting process. I wanted a memorial for that period in my life so I began to catalogue my experiences in what became my debut novel, Still. See right before I started medical school, I was going through a challenging period of my life. I found love,  an adopted family, and a lot of excitement in medical school. That is why I have probably idealized the time period in my head.
In my third year of medical school, in my quest to find balance,  I realized I had another side of me that I allowed to die. You see I used to write when I was younger. I would cop y novels I read like Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High and try and pass then off as mine to my sister. She was not amused.  My childhood home was littered with half finished manuscripts. I read everything and I was inspired by everything to write. 
When I got into medical school, writing was pushed to the side while I concentrated on my career. Until I suddenly realized that I did not have to stop writing because of medical school. Then I found a perfect outlet for both sides of my personality with my novel Still. The stories being told around me in my friends’ lives, in my colleagues’ lives and my life inspired me. 
Writing in medical school was an interesting experience wrote immediately after I got back from the wards, right before I had to study for third year examinations (NBME shelves) and I squeezed in time in between rotations. And I enjoyed every minute of it. It made me realize that 1. Pursuing other things I was passionate about outside of medicine was possible. 2. If it was important I would make time for it.
 See I was so used to giving my family, friend, and acquaintances the tried and true catalogue of excuses
I am busy. I have to study. I don’t have time. 
Then I realized it WAS possible to make time outside of medicine if it was important to me. Writing and publishing my debut novel Still has been a rewarding experience not only to me but to other people that I have been able to connect with me through my blog. Publishing a novel made my life a lot more busy but more balanced. Even as I went further in my medical career, Still  is the baby I have outside of medicine. Yes it WAS about medicine and it reminded me about medicine but it wasn’t medicine. 
We are not wired to be fulfilled by a singular activity and because medicine meant so much to me I used to live my life like that. Now I know my heart is big enough for other stuff… at least I think it is.

About the author 

Eniola Prentice is in her intern year in Virginia. She enjoys writing on her blog, reading other novels and dancing in front of her full length mirror. Still is her debut novel and she hopes her writing compels people about God’s all encompassing love. 

About the novel 

A broken soul, 
an alcoholic, 
a certifiable genius, 
a Christian man 
and a secret that will destroy the bonds of their friendship. 
When self-proclaimed atheist Fadesola, gets into medical school she believes that it’s a fresh start of sorts for her. Until she discovers  her class mate is charming and handsome Tayo Smith, a man she encountered in a violent moment years ago. This revelation shatters Fadesola’s already fragile emotional state but hope comes where she least expects it. A seemingly innocent friendship with Tayo’s friend, Ladi, slowly develops into a smoldering relationship with both afraid to acknowledge their mutual feelings. Things get even more complicated when Nikky, Fadesola’s classmate and friend, ignores her desperate warnings and decides that Tayo is the man she is meant to be with. However, within the complexities of this friendship these flawed individuals will experience God’s redemptive grace in a setting each believed his love would never find them. Still, the first book of a four part series is a coming of age story about navigating through medical school in the first year, complete with hilarious hook ups and breaks ups, legendary parties and incessant studying, and experiencing the triumph of success and disappointment of failure. 
Eniola Prentice, in her extraordinary debut novel has written a gripping and thought provoking story that examines Christianity, mental illness, suicide and alcoholism. 
You can get your copy of the novel on Amazon

To celebrate the release of her debut novel, Still, Eniola is running a giveaway contest open to residents of the United States. You can win a free signed copy of the novel, a $40 Amazon gift card and a mystery gift. You can enter the giveaway below. 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Email

Being that Doc H was on-call this weekend, I was prepared to tackle the weekend activities solo. 

Saturday went fine. I visited family, shopped and Doc H and I even made it out to dinner... together!

I was quite content.

Sunday rolled around and as I do from time to time, I went house hunting online. Per Doc H's encouragement, I shop for my dream house as encouragement and motivation to keep punching away at our company. According to him, since I'm working solely on stock options with no salary, it's good for us to have a visual goal. 

My goal is a house twice our current 1800 square foot home with a barn. 

But, because we live in a high cost of living area, it's purely a pipe dream. Whatever. It's always good to aim high, right?

For the first time in months, I found a house that excited me and it was being held open! I decided to go take a look while he was working. As I planned out my day in my head, I decided I would email Doc H the link to the virtual tour and ask him if I should wait for him on the very off chance he could accompany me to the open house.

Do you feel where I'm going with this?

He emailed me back right away; so fast, I'm sure he didn't even check out the link I sent him. He replied, "I have to operate so go ahead without me". Note the lack of punctuation. That is a clear indication of his level of busy. 

All of the sudden, I didn't want to go see the house alone. One email, and I went from being excited to look at the home, to thinking a solo tour of the home would underscore the fact that I was ALONE. 

So, I didn't go.

I spent the afternoon at home... typing out this post... while eating chocolate.... while thinking I should start swimming for exercise.... tomorrow.


Monday, May 5, 2014

Medical Monday {May edition, Vol.2}

Hi All,

I'm so happy you're here to celebrate Medical Monday with us!

Well, because of the crazy in our lives, my awesome MM partner, Jane at From A Doctor's Wife and I have decided to suspend our monthly Medical Monday link up for the summer. Why? If your summer calendar looks like mine, summer looks like anything but a vacation. We have freshman orientations, sport practices, travel tournaments, summer classes, workshops, kids' jobs, school trips, and while myself and Doc H don't have any major trips planned for ourselves, we have two kids flying internationally, and two others who will be vacationing separately. It's going to be a jammed packed schedule with no regularity.

Let's have a great link up this month and be sure to mark you calendar for Monday, September 1st when we'll be back up and running!

Now, all this doesn't mean Your Doctor's Wife is taking a summer blogging vacation. I'll still be blogging as a way to procrastinate from real life. So, don't count me down and out this summer!

In the meantime, have any of you watched Royal Pains on Netflix? I just watched the pilot episode which outlines the premise of the series. Young ER doc's medical career is ruined on his day off. He finds himself in the Hamptons where he unknowingly steps into the role of concierge doctor to those who show their thanks with bars of gold.

I'm thinking of watching the next episode. If you've been watching the series, tell me if it gets your thumbs up or thumbs down!

Now on with the party! Let's make it a good one-- after all, it is Cinco de Mayo! Cyber-margaritas for everyone!!! Olé!!

May Medical Monday Link-Up and BlogHop

Are you confused if you qualify for the party?

If you have a pager interrupting your life... you DEFINITELY qualify!
Do you work in healthcare?
Doctor? Nurse? EMT? Chiropractor? Vet? Dentist? Therapist?
Are you the spouse or SO of a healthcare worker/student?
Are you a nursing student? Medical student?
Intern? Resident? Fellow?

You get the picture, right? Come on, now... don't be shy! Let's keep growing and meeting new bloggers, so we can build a community of support and friendship, learn from one another, and share our stories.


Here are the rules:
  1. Follow your co-hosts via Bloglovin, GFC (if you are Blogger), FB, email or Twitter.
  2. Link up you medical/med life blog. If your blog name does not clearly state how you fit in to the med/med life world, please write a little intro or link up a specific post which clearly demonstrates your connection.
  3. Visit at least 3 other link ups, comment, introduce yourself, and tell the your stopping by or following from MM!
  4. Help spread the word by using our button on your post or sidebar, tweet about Medical Monday, or spread the word on Facebook! The more the merrier for all of us.
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Now, link up below and have fun! The link up is open through Friday, so be sure to come back during the week to check some great reads!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Need Clones!

As Doc H ran out the door this morning, he said, "I could use my own full-time assistant or secretary!"

To this I replied, "MEEEEE TOOOOOO!!"

I won't lie. Since returning home from a week long vacation on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday hurt. BAD! I have been slapped with a boatload of work which I postponed as I frolicked (read: almost drowned) in the surf with the family. Did you know the crotch of a woman's bathing suit could hold two cups of soaking wet sand? Me neither.

Excuse my digression.

So, now we are home and suffering from the consequences of our family vacation (well, a medical conference for Doc H, but vacation for me and the kids). A clone of myself would be so wonderful right now. I'm sure Doc H would agree with me. 

The consequences are so harsh, I really don't know why I'm spending time on the post. Oh yes... blogging is a wonderful form of procrastination!

Wishing I was still there... despite my near death experience.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chocolate Bunnies

For over a decade, I spent my Easter Vigils stuffing over 200 plastic eggs for our four kids. 

I realize it may have been an over-obsessive amount of eggs, but I blame it on my Latin roots (read: my mother), because God forgive me if we have unexpected guests and not enough food, drink, wine, or Easter eggs for everyone to go home happy.

Last year I stuffed the eggs with a combination of candy, money, and lotto scratchers.

Now with two kids in college, one in high school, and our (6 foot tall) baby finishing up middle school this year, I've decided to call it quits. Your Doctor's Wife can stuff it no longer.

I bought the kids Easter cards and chocolate bunnies. 

However, I now realize I made one fatal flaw in my Easter plans.

I bought the chocolate bunnies too early.

Yes, my friends... this past week, in various fits of stress, I ate the four chocolate bunnies. One by one. The good news is that the bunnies didn't suffer. They were devoured quite quickly. 

So now, on Easter, my kids will get a card. A card.

And you know what?

I don't feel bad about it. At all.

Happy Easter

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Biotech Fortunes

Biotech has completely taken over my life. 

Every waking hour is consumed with biotech. 
If I'm not physically acting on behalf of it, 
I've got it on the brain.

I feel like I'm running a race against time.

I'm running a race against larger companies with more financial capital. 

But I can't give up. 

My fortune cookie told me so...

Now, that's serious, people.
That's serious.

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