Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It’s a Perky Kind of Day

The greatest place on Earth!

Outside good news from our kids (such as ‘Yay! You made the team!’ or any other academic or athletic achievement), it takes a lot to excite me. I’m talking jumping up and down, clapping, smiling type of excitement. When the kids were little, I used to count the days until our yearly Disney trip. Doc H and I would hold onto their hands and we would weave with them in and out of the crowds running to get character autographs, see a show, grab a good seat on the parade route, get in line for a ride, or find the best spot for the firework display and watch in amazement as Tinkerbell flew through the warm, dark night sky. There’s really nothing like seeing the magic of Disney through a young child’s eyes. If you have any children in your life (nieces, nephews, cousins, God-children, etc.) by all means, GO
Today, our kids are teens and the roles have reversed. On our last Disney trip, they were holding our hands weaving us through the crowds, yelling at us to “stay together” and “don’t get lost”. We are a large family of six. When they were little, I would spend the entire trip counting their little heads, “one, two, three,, two, three,, two, three....CRAP! Where’s number four?!!!!!”  Early on we realized we needed more eyes to help oversee our brood, so we mostly travel with at least one set of grandparents. I just have to laugh thinking of how the kids now work hard to keep us ‘oldies’ (mind you both Doc H and I are in our 40‘s - we really aren’t that old!) together and moving towards the ride of their choice. 
Those Disney days seem to be over. It is impossible to get the kids’ all together on the same schedule nowadays. We have different schools, jobs, athletics, tournaments, and competitions to contend with. Traveling all together is becoming a distant dream - at least for awhile. And that is sad.
But today, is a ‘Perk-y’ day. Yes! I am punching a hole on my ‘surgeon’s wife benefits’ card.  I researched airfare for one of Doc H’s conferences and the excitement finally hit me...7 days in Maui! Room, paid for (he’s been asked to moderate and give a talk). His airfare, paid for. My airfare, points. SCORE! Of course, I will have to share Doc H with his colleagues for three days, but the remainder of the days belong to just us! WooHoo! While he is working, I will be pool side, sipping on ridiculously expensive, but very cutely garnished pina coladas. After a couple, I may even throw my inhibitions to the tropical winds and expose my old pregnancy stretch marks for tanning. Everything looks better tanned, right? 

My perk! Yippee!
Normally, I am quite frugal. I don’t spend money on myself. I’m not a great shopper. In fact, I hate it. Probably because when I do shop, it costs me a pretty penny. I do like designer. Always have. Shoes (or should I say Choos) have always posed a particular problem for me. Therefore, I limit my mall trips for myself to very few and far between. I’m talking years. But for this conference/vacation... I may just have to shop for something ridiculously cute to wear while sipping my cute, yet ridiculously expensive cocktails while I wait for Doc Maui.



  1. You are my post-training lifeline! We are planning, once fellowship is over, to take our 4 kids to which ever Disney theme park is closest to where we are going to be as a "yeah, we did it" reward. That will be their first real vacation! I don't count visiting family and sleeping on the floor as vacation. They will be 8,6,4 and 2. And one day I would love to travel with my husband! Please spill all the details:-)

  2. Now THAT is a perk!! How awesome! I hope you have a fabulous time planning and dreaming and that the trip is WONDERFUL!


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