Saturday, January 28, 2012

Over-Achieving beyond the Over-Achievement

Only over-achievers make it through surgical training. There's just no way a person with an ordinary work ethic and drive could make it. It's just that brutal. I know I could never do Doc H's job. I find the medical aspect fascinating, but the work load, stress, and weight of being responsible for an other's life would be too much to bear. It would drive me to drink. Really.

So, it shouldn't be any surprise when these over-achievers continue applying their over-achievement personalities once the over-achievement of becoming a surgeon is accomplished. 

I dropped Doc H off at the airport early yesterday. As I type, I am sitting in an empty, quiet house! It's just me and our dog. The kids are out and I find myself reveling in the silence around me. I am going to appreciate it for as long as I can. I am even considering staying in my jammies all day long.

You may be wondering where Doc H is headed...Conference? No. Family visit? No. Vacation? No. Guys' only fishing trip? No. 

Conference planning meeting. You understand my decision to stay home, don't you?

While Doc H loves surgery, it is just not enough for him. He finds complete fulfillment when working on multiple projects simultaneously. This year, Doc H was asked to join the planning committee for a large, national medical conference (as if he didn't have enough to do already!).  Late at night, while the rest of us sleep, he reviews papers submitted by other surgeons who would like to present their findings or research at the conference. A couple of days ago, he spent the majority of the day interviewing potential presenters for the conference. He loves hearing and discovering new techniques, novel ideas which may further push the boundaries of medicine.  Cutting edge medical technologies fascinate him. So, off he went and I must say, though he acts like it is just another task on his plate, I can tell he is honored and proud to have been invited to the planning committee. It will look fantastic on his CV.

Maybe Doc H will be part of the planning committee again next year. Maybe, next year, the planning committee will hold their meeting at a destination which features tropical palm trees, plumeria trees and libations with little colorful umbrellas. Maybe, then, I'll accompany my over-achiever.

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  1. Isn't it something; how when they have a million things on their plate-and they can spend that extra hour catching up on NORMAL life things, ….they choose to be over-achievers again. *sigh*


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