Thursday, February 23, 2012

The BioTech - Real Estate Connection

Doc H is using some vacation time this week since three of our four kids have winter break. We decided we would half the week at home and the remainder of the week at our new place. Yes, I said new place.

We have this special spot on this great, big Earth that we both just love. For years, we would make weekend getaways to enjoy the peace and serenity of our spot. I have loved this locale since I was a kid. My parents would take us out there any chance they had. When Doc H and I started dating and I realized our relationship was going to be serious, I couldn't wait to introduce him to this special area. I knew he would love it...and boy, did he ever!

We ended up marrying there. Shortly after our wedding, we started looking for land with the hopes we could just sit on it and one day build our retirement home. The prices were astronomical. We simply couldn't afford it.  What can I say...divorce takes its toll on the finances.

Fast forward YEARS later...

We find ourselves in a collapsed housing market. Literally, the bottom just fell out from underneath us. Lucky for us, Doc H bought the home we currently live in a year before we met and we decided to stay here rather than buy another place just for the sake of calling it "ours" and having both selected "our home". (I'm not the type of gal who would make a guy buy a new mattress just because he shared it with another woman either.  What a waste! I'm rather practical that way.) We were (and still are) lucky we weren't underwater like many others who got caught in this ridiculous debacle that could have been averted had the government not turned a blind eye to all the unscrupulous lending that led up to this crash! Hold on...let me regain my focus and get off my soap box. I worked it, I lived it, I left it. My battle scars are all still fresh and raw.

Okay, I'm back on track...

All the while the real estate market was crashing, we had this miracle happen. One of Doc H's midnight doodles, came to fruition! After 5 years of hard work, rounds of funding, animal trials, human trials (out of the country), FDA approval, and production, his little side company that could, DID! We both signed over our stock in the company and the acquisition was complete!

So, now we found ourselves in this bizarre place. Surreal, really. We HAD the money to purchase a place in our little spot since properties were selling at 50% of their all time high prices.

So we did...and here we are.


  1. OH, I was hoping for a picture!!! Is it sandy? mountain? urban? Either way, congratulations I am glad you now own the spot!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that when we are ready to buy again it will still be a depressed market. It only seems fair:-)

  2. I wanted to post a pic SO BAD! But Doc H would not approve. It would be a dead give away to our location the area in which he practices. :(
    I'll tell you this, though, it's a beautiful place that reminds you there is something bigger than you out it God or whatever you prefer. It's just awesome!
    You'll get there! I know you will! :)

  3. Hope it is all you dreamed of!

  4. Congrats! I somehow missed this post.

  5. congratulations! thats wonderful.


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