Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DISGUSTING! Entrepreneurs Keeping Surgeons in Business

I don't know whether I should feel an overwhelming sense of disgust or gratitude for adding to Doc H's job security?

What do you think?


  1. Horrific. Interesting point about a surge in unhealthy offerings though, like people are rebelling against the somewhat recent healthy-eating revolution. I've never been able to diet though, it makes me crave chocolate and sugar (crazily!!) so I definitely can't point any fingers... But, it's sad (tragic!) that our society has allowed such unhealthy (and apparently addictive) options, starting at around age 1... even fruit snacks are just "pretend food" - providing essentially no nutrients, especially when compared to an actual fruit, like an orange or an apple.

  2. You are so right about fruit snacks and the younger set learning bad eating habits from the get go. My stepson wouldn't eat anything but chicken nuggets and hot dogs (drove me nuts!) as a toddler and young school kid until we came across a truck on the highway. This truck looked exactly like a gasoline tanker, but instead of some gas company logo on the side, it read "LIQUID CHICKEN". When we explained to him that's what his nuggets were made of (and hot dogs more or less the same) our problem was solved. From then on, he would only eat chicken nuggets if I made them from scratch.

  3. Where can I find one of those trucks... that is so gross. Feeding young kids is such a challenge! I wish them would demand I buy more carrots:-) The article is sad, and I can see the novelty in eating something you know to be terrible for you once, but.... I don't know what the answer is. I must say I do love Paula Deen and at our house we do believe butter makes everything taste better.

  4. We were in Texas when we came across the "Liquid Chicken" Truck. The kids still talk about it with such disgust.
    I was a huge Paula Deen fan, but only cooked her recipes on special occasions. However, I have been boycotting her since her diabetes fiasco. I just don't approve of how she handled that whole debacle. Coming from a long line of diabetics, I felt she really could've turned her diagnosis into a teachable moment. Only coming forward with her diagnosis because she was a paid spokesperson for a drug company leaves an awful taste in my mouth. I sure will miss her peach cobbler, though!

  5. I think this place was on an episode of Man vs Food. The guy on the travel channel that goes around doing all those challenges. Score 1 for the heart attack burger, huh? I doubt it was the actual burger; rather, a life time of burgers that caused the timely MI.
    I wouldn't eat one, it's just too big.


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