Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Doctor-Food Evolution

The other night, Doc H and I were chatting and he paid me one of the nicest compliments, "I really didn't have a great appreciation for food before I met you."

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!!!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!! Music to my ears!

When we first started dating, it became very clear Doc H had a rather peculiar relationship with food. On one of our very first dates, he took a whole day off and we went on a day trip to a nearby, beautiful and picturesque city. We drove by all the sites, took leisurely walks along the water, held hands, and enjoyed a late lunch at a lovely restaurant. We were given the best table, situated up against the corner windows which overlooked a spectacular view. It was really quite romantic and I expected it to be a leisurely meal...but not quite that leisurely. Holy Guacamole! I have never seen anyone eat so painfully slow!

I was a bit embarrassed as I sat there in front of my empty plate. I inhale food. I always have. I like to blame this trait on my brother who loved to torture me anyway possible, including stealing food of my plate. I'll be brutally honest, I wondered what the heck was wrong with Doc H? Who eats so painfully slow? It was driving me nuts! I had to fight the urge to pick up his fork and start hand feeding him like I had done so many times with my toddler..."open comes the plane!"

I finally couldn't take it anymore and did what I often do - laugh at the situation at hand.

Doc H explained after years of eating quick bites here and there, eating standing up, eating while walking, hardly ever finishing a complete meal, he wanted to savor every second of this tasty, leisurely gourmet meal. Now, that I could understand. After all, it was a spectacular view and exquisite food.

As our relationship progressed I got to know my way around his kitchen. It was definitely a bachelor's kitchen. His fridge was comprised of soda, OJ, yogurt, some moldy cheese and mayo, mustard, ketchup, and beer. The freezer was wall to wall frozen dinners.

Early in our relationship, Doc H's morning breakfast consisted of Hostess powdered donuts, yogurt and coffee. He ate that religiously, every single morning as he ran out the door to the hospital wiping the powder sugar off his lips and shirt. I found this shocking. For the love of God, wasn't he a doctor? His explanation? "It's calories in, calories out. Your body functions on calories." ...and apparently multi-vitamin pills.

EXCUSE ME?! What about vitamins? Nutrients? Protein? You know. All that stuff that keeps us healthy? I realized very quickly that there was some work to be done on my part.

Apparently, I've done a pretty good job. Yes! We've come a long way Baby!

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