Friday, February 10, 2012

Lottery Winnings

I feel like I just won the lottery. Excitement! Anticipation! Joy! Relief!

This morning, both Doc H and I woke up tired. He was worse for the wear. The archaic beast shrilled like a siren twice last night; first around 1am and again around 3:30am. Ugg. By 7:45am I had returned home from school drop-offs to find him up and ready to leave for the hospital.

We noted how this was the beginning of a weekend with no kids, no call, and no bio-tech related travel in a very long time. Great! A quiet weekend all to ourselves! We should plan a day trip to go out for a hike? Maybe brunch and walk by the water's edge? Doc H thought those were nice ideas, but turns out he is nursing a bum knee he strained in the OR, or so he thinks. Not sure. No hikes or long walks for him. Darn! No day trips. That's okay, we'll have a nice meal out and a movie. If I'm really lucky, he might agree to see chic flick. It's a stretch, but a possibility...especially if I play the "but it's Valentine's!" card.

In a despondent manner and with a defeated sigh, he said, "I wish we could go to __________."
"Why can't we? We could come back on Sunday."
"Really? You want to? We would have to be back on Sunday."

Spontaneous, spur of the moment road trip. Packing up for just us... me, Doc H, and the dog.  I think this is the first spontaneous trip we've ever taken. A medical career just doesn't allow such behavior. Our vacations are planned well in advance to make sure his hospital responsibilities are covered.

This is almost surreal. This is so much better than a chic flick. It's like winning the lottery.


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