Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mothering Bio-Tech at Practice

Yesterday, I took one of our kids to practice. Traffic was horrendous and I couldn’t stomach the idea driving home only to turn around and fight the traffic a second time for pick up. So, I packed my computer and Ipad with the intention to use this precious two hour window of  time wisely and compose a blog post.
None of my hi-tech gadgets made it out of my bag. I started visiting with  the other moms who found themselves stuck in the bleachers for the two hour practice. 
Here’s what I love about the area I live in. Our mom talk doesn’t center around just our kids, school, and their activities. (Don’t get me wrong, we talk about that, too.) No, I found myself talking with two other mothers: one, Lisa, who works in a bio-tech start up whose technology focus is in oncology, and the other mom, Cathy, a RN who works in orthopedic surgery. Great conversation ensued!

We covered the following topics:
  • practice schedule
  • tournament costs
  • jobs
  • nursing
  • medical insurance
  • dental insurance
  • siblings
  • private practice
  • hospital politics
  • US medical system
  • Canadian medical system
  • federal government's role in medicine?
  • start-ups
  • bio-tech
  • where we grew up
  • oncology research
  • bio-tech marketing
  • car-pools
  • patents
  • FDA regulations
  • human trials
  • funding
  • medical research
  • VC's
  • acquisitions

...and what we were cooking for dinner. That's life in the Mommyhood.
Having lived through the first bio-tech start-up phase of our life, I am working on mustering up the strength to walk the yellow brick, start-up road again, with the hopes we reach the Land of Bio-Tech Oz.  During this first phase, I am the paper-pusher. Paper-pushing doesn't excite me, but the thought of what can be, the possibilities, does. Up to this point, I have taken a break from our little corporation (our baby). 

Doc H is hot to trot down the golden path again. He has a passion for creating new medical technology and devices. And who can blame him? There is a romance to the notion of creating a legacy, cementing your name, in the lofty world of medicine.

While Doc H's first foray was rather successful and rewarding, raising capital, can be quite an ordeal. Last time, angel funding was scouted out immediately after I returned home from Kinko's with the freshly printed and bound business plan. Today, we are no longer green and would love to take this project as far as we can without funding. Eventually, funding will become necessary. However, for now, we'll take it as far as we can, working to increase our little baby's value.

Who knew hanging out at practice, conversing with the moms, would re-invigorate my interest in paper-pushing? 

So, off I go...down the yellow-brick, start-up road.

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