Friday, February 3, 2012

My Husband’s Girlfriends

No, that’s not a misprint or typo. My husband has girlfriends. From what I’m told by the one of his assistants, he has many, many girlfriends. Am I worried? Nah... Concerned? Nah... Actually, I find it a little amusing. 
You see, Doc H doesn’t refer to these ladies as his girlfriends. It’s just the opposite. These ladies refer to him as their boyfriend. They are ladies - little ladies - of the frail and elderly type. 
Julie, Doc H’s assistant, painted the picture for me one day when I was waiting for him in his clinic. These little, blue haired ladies come into the clinic for their appointments, asking for their “boyfriend, Doc H”. Some have to hobble in and some wheel themselves into the exam rooms. Apparently, they are the cougars of all cougars. 
Some of his girlfriends have even sent me gifts! Yes, me! How sweet is that? The first gift I ever received was this...
Don’t laugh! We actually use this handy-dandy, hand crocheted, plastic, hand jar opener. I’ve even had to wash it from so much use. When this particular little lady sent my gift home, she told Doc H that while I may be too young to find use for this today, I should just throw it in our kitchen drawer. She knew there would come a day when I would need it. 

Well, she was right. I hate to say it, but I use it all the time. I'm using it much sooner than she probably thought I would. Notice the hand crocheted trim...

I have also received table linens, a couple of home cooked meals, and lovely cards thanking me and the kids for sharing Doc H with them. The sense of satisfaction I feel when we are acknowledged and thanked for our sacrifice as a family by Doc H's patients is immeasurable and so appreciated. While Doc H receives many thank you's and tokens of appreciation, the wives and kids of your doctors seldom do. When it happens, I won't lie, it feels fan-bloody-tastic. 

Now, while some of his girlfriends like to send gifts, some of these ladies can get quite spry, too! Apparently, as one of my husband's girlfriends was getting prepped for surgery in the OR, the sedation made her a little frisky! So frisky, she pinched Doc H's scrub covered tushy! These ladies mean business! Poor Doc H came home and felt the need to 'fess up...immediately. He had her arm extended out from her side and the anaesthesia was about to take effect when he turned his backside to her for just a moment... and PINCH! It happened! What the heck!

Hmmm, I'm now rethinking my level of concern about these girlfriends. I may have to watch my back and hold on tight to my man. The cougars are out and about.


  1. I love the little old ladies and just about anyone who sends things home with my DrH. Last week a family baked us cookies:-) It is pretty awesome.

  2. my mom was definitely one of those ladies...she would send in a bowl of home made wedding soup for her dr. one bowl, in a plastic container. When her drs wife had a baby she sent the baby $ first I was a little embarrassed but then realized these were gifts from her heart and that is why all the drs loved her so much! I learned a lot about life from her!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. This is precious! I just love these types of little old ladies! Better be careful; these ladies have years and years of experience under their belts ;)

    Just came across your blog :)


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