Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Secret's Backlash - My Catholic Guilt

The Catholic Guilt has set in.

After letting my secret out of the bag with yesterday's post, the guilt ran amok in my dreams...

I lost my engagement ring. It's uninsured and I am in hysterics. Doc H (who's mad) and I are driving somewhere down a dark, dusty road. He pulls over into a gas station with a little mini-mart. In the dull, dusty, dirty, greasy gas station mini-mart, they sell engagement rings. They're not displayed in a glass case...the are individually wrapped in cellophane and hung up by size on a round display rack

He buys me one and slips it on my finger in an effort to make me feel better. I look down at it. It is four flakes of diamond that still don't pull a TCW of even an eighth of a carat. PLUS, the setting is a gray plastic and the ring also doubles as a radio.

When I woke up and realized it was a dream, I woke up Doc H to tell him of my dream (I'm sure he appreciated the 5:30am wake up). Still slathered in slumber, he managed to say, "That's right. If you loose your ring, the next one is from a gas station."

Ugh. The nuns and priests successfully did their job on me.

I hope the karma for writing that post ends here.


  1. I would have been sweating during that dream. Although I think at this point I may take losing it in stride (although I don't want to lose it). It is only a symbol, an expensive symbol or cheap symbol it is all the same. I am sure my husband would argue that my losing it somehow would mean that I wasn't taking very good care of what that symbol represents. I hope the dreams end for you, and I hope I didn't just jinx myself by talking about my laid back hypothetical attitude should I lose mine. Now I am worried.

    1. Well, Doc H accidentally threw his first ring away in the hospital laundry. He used to tie it on to his scrubs. He doesn't do that anymore and hasn't lost it yet.
      I'm paranoid about my ring, now, too!


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