Thursday, February 2, 2012

Off-Topic: Gender Inequality in Politics: Santorum and Trisomy 18

I'm going to go a little off topic today. Is that okay? You don't mind do you?

Can we talk about Rick Santorum? I don't mean in the "let's discuss his political perspective or campaign platform" type of way. No, I could care less about that. Political discussions and debates are not on my top ten list of discussion topics. Personally, I can not imagine why any one person would want to engage in a life of politics in today's brutal mass media world. A highly interlinked world where every bone which makes up the skeleton in your closet (c'mon- we all have at least one - maybe even two or three) is just itching for their 15 seconds of fame when they can call your bluff or, simply put, destroy your life! 

No, I want to discuss Santorum, his daughter, and the media. Has anyone else noted the gender inequality which has been displayed by the media? If you have been knee deep in diapers, baby food, and spit-up,  or just plain living under a rock, bless you! Let me bring you up to speed...

Rick Santorum, GOP Presidential candidate, has been out pounding the pavement, campaigning for the GOP nomination. He and his wife have a three year old daughter, Isabella, who is inflicted with trisomy 18, a rare and deadly genetic disorder. Over the weekend, Isabella became so ill, she was admitted to the ICU. Rightfully so, Santorum placed Daddy Duty over politics and cancelled his day of campaigning. On Monday, his camp released a statement indicating Isabella had experienced a "miraculous" recovery. Because of this, Santorum was able to leave his daughter, still in ICU, and continue his march on the campaign trail. As of last night (Tuesday), she was still in ICU.


I'm sorry, but if Santorum had anything else but a penis, the news media outlets would be all over him! Let's sit back and imagine the fury if anyone by the likes of say....Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Condaleeza Rice, or Nancy Pelosi, did just that.  A woman who left their toddler in ICU, not to mention a toddler who's life is already in such a fragile state, would be SKEWERED - TARRED AND FEATHERED by the media. Bad mother, careless, detached, unemotional, cold-hearted, irresponsible, reprehensible, awful, unimaginable, foul, an all around 'mommy dearest' bitch of a mother.

...and Santorum? Nothing. Not a word. At least, not one I could find. You?


And if you're just craving a tid-bit of our medical life... 

I had to 'dress for Doctor' today. Besides being verbally attacked by some overly-talkative lady in the parking garage who wanted to know my opinion of Meryl Streep's latest movie, "The Iron Lady", I was given the all-clear to resume my normal work-outs. Good news for me! As for that lady, I hope she found her way to the Department of Psychiatry. I'm pretty sure that's where she was headed.


  1. That's...really sad :( On a lot of levels! Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for linking up with us for Dirty Secret Saturday!

  3. I loves this post. Let's admit that if this was even Michelle Obama leaving one of the girls to campaign, this would be a shit storm. This double standard is so sick. But I guess it's life. I also enjoyed the manner this was presented! Thanks
    Also thanks for linking up with us at Dirty Secret Saturday!

    1. That is SO true (about Michelle Obama and...well...EVERYTHING you posted)! The problem is, those who need to hear about it wouldn't listen! It is so sad. I agree with Absolute Mommy--you presented this very well!

  4. The gender inequality in mainstream politics today is disgusting. It happens on both sides of the aisle and frustrates me to no end. Glad to hear someone else picking up on it!


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