Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superbowl Fail and a Lovely Bubble Moment

Earlier in the week, in my head, I had envisioned a nice, little family Superbowl party. All the kids (minus our college student)  and Doc H and myself watching the game, commenting on the commercials and eating yummy foods. We would all be cuddled up on the sofa - maybe wrapped up in some warm blankets - cheering for our team of choice. Smiling. Laughing. Having fun. Like a Norman Rockwell painting. Sounds simple enough, right?

SURPRISE! It was not to be. 

Doc H was finally home for a weekend and without call only to have our home penetrated by the flu bug. The Norman Rockwell painting crashed and burned. We resorted to quarantining the infected. Doc H was in doc mode (well, more of RN mode) all weekend. Day and night he was monitoring fevers that went as high as 103, dosing out the ibuprofin, and schleping up and down the stairs with jello cups and cups of water or juice. Yes, he's a gem. 

I, on the other hand, made sure the non-infected were shuttled to practice, social events, and fed home cooked meals. Divide and conquer, that's how we roll. I did my best to keep up with the house, but there's so many of us, I can't keep up with it all. Some stuff just has to wait until Monday when the kids are back in school and Doc H is back at the hospital. In all honesty, sometimes I just let it go so I can do clean up on Monday. It's so much easier to clean up when the house is empty. It's the only time progress can be seen by my efforts. Otherwise, it's a "put one dish in the washer and two more appear in the sink" type of day. Who needs to be running on that hamster wheel? I know I need to lose some weight, but come on!

Finally, at the end of our weekend, Doc H and I found ourselves in bed, chatting away, laughing at little funnies the kids told us or did and commiserating about the little hardships they are currently working through. Those are my tiny, fleeting "bubble moments". The moments when the rest of the world, the hospital, his colleagues, and his patients are waiting outside our door, because just then.. it is just the two of us...me and my Doc H.


  1. I always let the kids destroy the house and then clean when they leave. So much easier! Plus I get annoyed when I clean the kitchen counter off only to turn around to a dirty glass sitting there! Buggers!

  2. I am usually continuously cleaning.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. I need to rethink cleaning. I spend all day cleaning the same mess over and over.... one of the frustrating parts of being "mom". I love an empty quiet house. All I need is an hour a day and I am good. I hope you all get feeling better soon, sick isn't fun.

  4. Finally saw your post on MBC and am happy to follow. I started my blog a few weeks ago and already have 43 followers. MBC has helped a lot. Just keep at it and your audience will grow. Best of luck.


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