Friday, March 16, 2012

The Adult Brownies Are In the Freezer

For Medicinal Use Only, Right? 
As mentioned before, we have an older friend who is currently battling lung cancer. She is as feisty firecracker and after two rounds of chemo, she is kicking cancer's booty all over town! Great news!

Her daughter, who is around my age, hosted a dinner for family members the night before she was to meet her surgeon. Doc H and I were so touched to be included in this "family only" affair.

When we saw our cancer-stricken friend, we were so pleased to find her looking great! Of course, she wore a head covering to hide her shaved head, but besides that cancer identifier, she looked normal-- good weight, good mood, good appetite.

No more pain, no more morphine, no more nausea. All thanks know it's coming.... pot medicinal marijuana. Her daughter, Missy, tells us how she had got hold of some adult lemon pound cake. She didn't know how strong one slice would be, so she tested a slice out on herself. And good thing she did! Apparently, the medicinal stuff is really strong and she told her mother the proper dosage was half a slice.

It should come to no one's surprise that one firecracker gives birth to another firecracker.

At dinner, we were all laughing over the lemon cake stories. I don't know why (perhaps it was the wine), but I found it appropriate to let Missy know I have never experienced marijuana (or any other drug while we're at it). Yes, I am a prude.

I have never seen any one's eyes roll back into their skull quite like Missy did in my life!

Missy: WHAT! NEVER?!!!
Me: Never!
Missy: WHY?!
Me: I went to Catholic School and they scared me half to death. I was afraid my kids would be born with three heads!
Missy: OH, NO WAY! We can change that! I'm sending you home with brownies. I've got brownies in the freezer for Mama Firecracker. I'm sending you home with those!

And so she did...with this prescribed dosage and usage instructions...

Dosage: 1" x 1.5" pieces only. Give yourself one hour to experience the full effect of the brownie. Have fun!

Doc H drove us home with my aluminum foil "doggie-bag" in my lap, while being adamant about not wanting to take part in my experimental foray in brownie-land. Well, that's no fun.

The brownies remain in my freezer. I'm taking them all back to Firecracker. She'll need them after her next round of chemo.

I still remain a brownie virgin.


  1. No drugs here either, but I would get the brownie out of the freezer. I know one day in a moment of serious chocolate need I would find that brownie and forget what it was! That could be bad.

    1. Hahaha! So true--I would eat ExLax if I were desperate enough for chocolate...
      We lived in Montana for two years before I found out that I was suffering from autoimmune issues. At one point, my husband said to our doctor, "Well, she doesn't want to use drugs unless she has to..." And my doc got wide-eyed and said, "You won't use DRUGS? Because you CAN here..." I had no idea WHAT he was talking about until weeks later when I drove by an...herbalist? and saw the window. I told my husband we missed the boat on THAT one...! I don't know if you saw the new comments on your comment (on my post). I hope you don't mind that I answered for you--I hate when there is fighting and the person who commented was DEFINITELY looking for a fight...
      Anyway, I say you grab a brownie WITH your friend. How fun would that be? I am certain she would love it--laughter IS the best medicine, right?

    2. No brownies anymore! Firecracker just had another round of chemo, so they're going back to her. Seriously though, I wish we would've thought to get some brownies to my mother when she was going through chemo. I can't believe how much they help chemo patients. But back then, dispensaries weren't around.

      @Nika- maybe you should check into getting a prescription?? I'm so naive, I don't think I would've understood what the Doc was saying either.

  2. You and me both--never experienced any of that, and not sure I want to either! (Heard too many scary stories!)I can barely take one drink before I start feeling like dozing off and my head starts spinning! But that's awesome that it helps cancer patients so much--I'd never heard of that before--in brownies, that is!
    New Linky follower from VB BH! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank for following! I'll be sure to drop by your blog!
      Happy St. Patty's Day!


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