Friday, March 9, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls...Carpool Conversations

Carpool duty landed on me yesterday. I LOVE being carpool mom! I learn more in one car ride about what going on in D3's life in one 45 minute car ride than I do all week long. I'm talking the good stuff...boyfriends, potential dance dates, who's together, who's not, who just broke up at lunch today and why. Isn't that what all moms want to know? We want to stay on top of things before their little young lives go sideways and we have a mess to clean up? It's as if they forget I have ears. I'm basically a fly on the wall and I love it!

Here's what I learned yesterday..Power high school. Who knew? Anyone? Not me. One power couple just broke up and D3's friends are trying to encourage her to ask a certain boy to the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance.

BFF: D3, you should TOTALLY ask Steve to the dance!
D3: No...I don't wanna.
BFF: Why? He's soooooo cute!
D3: I'm going by myself.
BFF: If you and Steve became boyfriend and girlfriend, you guys would be, like, the new Power Couple in school. It'd be so freaking awesome...
D3: EWWWWW! NO!!! Kissing him would be like kissing my brother or something. It's not right. We've known each other since we were, like, 5! Gross.
BFF: You're soooo picky!

I will say, I do think Steve is a cute kid and very well mannered. I wouldn't mind them dating in group I know his parents and where they live. But, I'm thrilled D3 feels confident enough to go to dances solo. 

PICKY - a word moms hate when associated with their children...until they become dating teens.


  1. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Love this post. I don't carpool with my teens and friends much these days because they all drive, but you are so right about the amount of info the devuldge on those rides home. My daughter and her friends always talk freely around me which is nice. I don't think I have ever heard any of them mention power couples. Lol.

    Cute to read some older posts.

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I absolutely LOVE your photos. You have such a talent!

  2. Ohhh the things I have to look forward to when my kids are teens! I can only imagine lol. Power Couples?? Wow...who would have thought! That cracks me up hehe. Next time you carpool, you should take a bowl of popcorn! ;) Glad to hear your daughter is picky as a teen though, that will benefit her!

    1. These freshman girls are so entertaining! I just hope she stays in the picky stage. I like the picky stage!

  3. This is too cute,.,but yeah agree that it's awesome to hear that d3 is confident enough to go on her own. Go her...and go you!

    1. I thought it was funny and she did go stag and had a GREAT time! PHEW!


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