Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spousal Chatter

{On our way home from dinner last night, Doc H and I were trying to remedy the logistical issue of shipping some furniture (bar stools) we purchased from a private seller (read: used) who lives over 350 miles away to our new place.}

Doc H: How can we get them here?
Me: I could fly and take them to a shipping company.
Doc H: You could drive with your father. We could take the seats out of the minivan and you could bring them back with you.
Me: I don't want to drive 12 hours in one day with my father.
Doc H: You could split the driving.
Me: We would have to spend the night at a hotel.
Doc H: You can do it in a day.
Me: Why don't you drive down with me. Take a day off work! We could spend the night. OH! That would be fun! We could go to the amusement park out there that I love!!!
Doc H: What? Why? Without the kids?
Me: YEAH! I love that place! We could just go by ourselves. It would be as if we were dating!
Doc H: Nooooo.....
Me: You would do it if we were dating. Just because, we are old, doesn't mean we have to act old!
Doc H:  humphhhhhh....

So, that's what we did. He may have even enjoyed himself...

... a little.


  1. haha that would be fun if you guys went and did that together! You're only as old as you feel, and in my opinion, you guys aren't even old!!! Geesh lol. Tell him he has no choice :P hehe


  2. Haha! That type of conversation sounds familiar. I'm always telling Mr.McHunky that he's acting over the hill. He is not amused. Ha!

  3. lol, love this. And love knowing a doc's wife -- need that. fglad you found me and following you back!


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