Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Doctor Humor #8

*******WARNING - Not suitable to watch with children in the room*************

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  1. Hi! I blog-hopped on over to your blog from Fizzy's blog and I've been hooked ever since! I love reading family-oriented stories (perhaps as a dream escapism from my own single, sadly family-less life!) and I'm a medical student as well so it's really interested to see the doctor's wife's take on things too! :) The way you describe your husband reminds me of a lovely, lovely family friend of ours who - as your caption says - is definitely too nice to say not nice things about people, and he works hard and slogs day and night as well! I think your husband is a GI surgeon? He is too! And his wife doesn't currently work as well so it's just been such a sweet reminder of them! But I know you're not them cos you're not Indian and not practising medicine in south India with two (adorable) boys ha ha! Hope to keep reading more of your blog, really enjoy your posts! :-)


    1. Hello and Welcome! I love hearing from readers! Thank you for your kind words. Doc H has asked that I do not give out any specific information about his work, but with your medical background, I'm sure you'll be able to piece his specialty together eventually. But, no, not GI. So there's the challenge for you, Young Lady Med Student! LOL! Go get 'em! LOVE hearing about (and from) women in medicine! :0)

  2. Too funny, immediately reminded me of Tom Lehrer.


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