Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Work the Body, Insure the Body

Anyone remember Mary Hart from "Entertainment Tonight"? I remember being gobsmacked hearing she had insured her legs for one million dollars...each! I thought, "Who does that? How stupid!"

I'm re-thinking the "let's insure our body parts" notion. In particular, Doc H's body parts. They're kinda important in our house hold. Let's be real, his fingers, hands, arms, eyes, legs, back and brain are instrumental in paying our bills.

Last week, Doc H slept in a bad position and woke up with a crick in his neck. He went to the hospital looking like he needed a neck brace. A few years ago, he had (what seemed to be) a recurring muscle spasm in his arm. Quietly, I prayed to God hoping it was NOT an early indicator of a debilitating disease such a ALS.  When he couldn't read anything anymore, he broke down and got his reading glasses. When I probed about seeing in the OR he told me it wasn't a problem, because he wore his loops. He has a bum knee right now. I've asked him to make an appointment, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon. It will mean taking a day off work and driving to a far away hospital in a far away land... all in the name of confidentiality.

Why do I bring this up now? Well, yesterday Doc H tweaked his back and as soon as it happened, he immediately started worrying about his day in the OR today. He has a big case where he will have to wear a protective 25 lb. lead vest for hours with a bad back. I feel for him, I really do. I've battled my own back problems for years. It's painful and awful.

And the culprit? The heavy job which crumpled Doc H and made him grimace in pain?

The laundry. I'm heading to the gym. Need to save the body. Keep it strong.

Maybe we should insure my body parts, too.  I'm afraid if I fall apart, this house is falling like a house of cards.


  1. If you have not already observed, a lot of superstars are covering their areas which they declare are part of their company.

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    1. I would insure my eyes.... I get pretty far with just the evil eye.

  2. Insuring body parts . . . there are just too many jokes here, but I'll refrain. Thanks for giving me yet another reason for why I should not do the laundry. I'm not anticipating a sympathetic ear from Kellie.

  3. I always thought it was crazy to insure body parts...but you may be on to something there with our hubbies - might be worth looking into. That's kind of hilarious your hubby messed up his back with laundry...are you sure he wasn't faking it? ;)

    Groundhog Hypothesis, Menopausal Mother Nature, Truancy and the Phone Princess

    1. Oh, no, definitely not faking. Just goes to show how "hardcore" house chores can be! ;)


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