Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Germy Scrubs and White Coats

You'll never find Doc H driving home in scrubs (that's just gross, germy, and sometimes bloody) nor will you find him out running errands in his white coat like some of his colleagues. We've seen them out there at lunch and after work. I've even seen OR scrubs at the kids' school and all I want to do is tap them on the shoulder and scream, "Don't wear your germy scrubs to school! I don't want my kids exposed to MRSA!" Yuck. Disgusting. Not to mention tacky..."Look at me in my white coat! I'm a doctor!" Worse than that is wearing OR scrubs with the white coat! "Look at me! I'm a surgeon and you're not! I can saves lives and you can't!" Tacky, if you ask me.

So, Dr. Wearing Germy Scrubs and Your White Coat, don't be surprised and come whining to us when someone keys your brand new expensive, luxury vehicle.


  1. Ewww, I've never thought about all the germs attached to scrubs. Yuck!

  2. Tell me you didn't key someone's car.

    1. Oh Gosh NOOOO!!!! I could never do something that mean!!! Once, some teens spray painted my white car with red spray paint (along with 16 others in the neighborhood- yeah, real charmers). I could never do that, but that doesn't mean I hadn't thought about it a time or two in my life! LOL! Just kidding there, too. Well, maybe once. ;)

  3. My husband's sentiments exactly!!

  4. My husband's sentiments exactly!


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