Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Post: Living in Kellie's World

Aloha, Everyone!
I know you'll enjoy reading "Living in Kellie's World". Be sure to visit Joe's blog and poke around a bit. Joe always seems to have me laughing!

Earlier this month, Dr. H’s wife (she really needs to pick a moniker so we can gossip about her more easily) lamented about the inequities in the pricing of men and women’s haircuts.  I had a hard time connecting with her post because I’ve had little need for the services of a hair stylist. 
I served as an officer in the Navy for nearly all of my adult life, 29 years, 7 months, and 7 days to be exact.  During that time, I could usually get a standard military haircut for less than $10. Now that I’m retired, I don't cut my hair at all, reducing my costs in this area to zero.  As for hair coloring, I have no need for those services either.  Thanks to some rare genetic defect, at almost 53 years of age, I still don't have any grey hair, at least not on my head.  We won't talk about where I have found a few grey hairs since this is a family blog. 
As far as I know, only four other people in my family have the no-grey-hair gene: my paternal grandmother, my father, and my father’s two younger brothers.  However, the no-grey-hair gene produces an unfortunate side effect.  My grandmother, the obvious source of this rare gene, was only 4’10”.  And given the rather short stature of all the men with this gene (none of us is over 5’6” and anyone who claims otherwise is lying) it seems that the no-grey-hair gene is also part of the thou-shall-be-short gene complex. 
Thanks for urinating in the gene pool grandma.  I really should be more grateful though.  Grandma did neutralize some of grandpa’s genes.  He went completely bald in his twenties.
Joe Cereola is the author of the blog Living In Kellie’s World.

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