Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photo Challenge - From a Low Angle

I'll confess straight away, I'm not a photographer. Doc H is the photographer in the family and he is quite talented at it. I've characterized him as a Renaissance man; he is incredibly great in a number of areas which exercise both the right and left side of his brain. There are times I feel quite jealous of his abilities and talents, and other times when I feel quite inferior and still other times I feel very proud. Go figure.

However, I did take this little photo all by myself with my little ole IPhone camera and thought it fit this week's photo challenge, "From a Low Angle" at Our Reflection perfectly!

Here it is in the raw. No cropping, no photoshopping, no instagramming, no color or hue saturation, no HDR, no SLR (I throw around these photographic terms I learned from listening to Doc H, just like I can throw around medical terms such as endarterectomy, thrombosis, popliteal, etc...) just the photo as it was taken by me...

I love this photo for a variety of reasons. In my mind, there is no other flower which symbolizes Spring and warmth better than the daffodil (plus gophers and deer won't eat them). I just adore daffodils. I also love the color contrast between the flowers and the sky. It was such a gorgeous day.

If you'd like to enter, it's not too late! There's just over a day hurry!

Our Reflection Photo Challenge


  1. That's breathtaking - I can't believe how amazing those colors are with no editing at all! Your composition is spot on as well. Also, I think your blog-header is pretty awesome :)

  2. Thank you! With this photo, I just got lucky. Usually my finger in somewhere in the picture. ;)

  3. LOVE this shot. Yellow if my favorite color! Thank you SO much for linking up!

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to link up anytime I think I have something worthy for link up! ;)
      Thank you for the fun opportunity!

  4. I think it looks great and on your iphone! Awesome! Don't know why I wasn't earlier..but I'm now following you!

  5. Beautiful - and I'm so glad I found you through the Weekend Linkup on Write on Edge. I will be back for more. You have a really fun blog, and I know I'll learn from you!

  6. That is very pretty! It's amazing what an iPhone camera can do!

  7. I love this pic! The colors are wonderful!


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