Friday, April 27, 2012

A Sign From God

I took this photo on my IPhone.
Yes, Maui is THAT gorgeous!
I already told you how I fresh I was feeling after the long, first class trip out to Hawaii, so  I didn’t feel a particular need to make sure I had my ID in hand the rest of the day as we ventured out to familiarize ourselves with the resort and its surroundings. I figured if I was carded (which doesn’t even happen anymore at the grocery store), it was probably not a bad thing considering the levels of alcohol I had already imbibed earlier in the day.
No worries, my friends! I had no issues ordering my apple mojito during happy hour. 
The next day, despite a bit of a headache and cloudy veil which can only fall over you after a mix of champagne, mojito, pina colada, mai tai and red wine, Doc H and I awoke very early just like every other mainlander and set out to enjoy the beauty of the island and find some local watering holes to help level the chemical equilibrium. 
I grabbed by tote, threw in my tank-ini, my sunscreen, hat, and.... where’s my ID? 
I looked everywhere. No ID. Doc H ripped apart my purse. No ID. 
DocH: Where did you last have it?
Me: When we went through security. I know I put it back in my purse, but I couldn’t zip my purse up because I stuffed my Ipad in there.
DocH: It probably fell out in the plane!
Me: Nooooooo! 
DocH: How are you going to get back on the plane without ID! You need to call the airline. 
Me: Noooooooo! It’s got to be in the rental car.
DocH: Did you bring any other form of ID?
Me: No, but it’s got to be in the rental car. Let’s just go.
We proceed to leave. We make sure the hotel room door is securely locked.
DocH: What are you going to do if you don’t find your ID?
Me: I’ll take it as a sign from God that I’ve had my limit of drinks for this trip. {SIGH.} I won’t drink anymore.
DocH: Really? 
Me: Really.
As soon as one valet drives the car in front of us, Doc H walks around to the driver side to tip the valet. I open my door and as soon as I do, I see something glowing on the floor.
I jut it straight out in front of Doc H with a Hu-MONG-OUS, "TAKE THAT (!)", grin. 
DocH: Well, what is God telling you now? It’s okay to drink?
Me: Abso-FREAKING-lutely!
I immediatley rang God up in my heart; “Dear God, Mahalo. Mahalo. Mahalo!”


  1. LOL! This post made me laugh, so funny!

    That picture is fabulous as well...

  2. Hahaha, love it. A vacation with out drinks sounds like a terribly dry time :/ I think God definitely wants us to drink.

    1. This proved (at least to me) that He has a sense of humor! :)

  3. Glad you found your ID! Hope you're having (had?) a great trip!

  4. LOL! If you didn't find your ID, I'd have taken it as a sign from God that you were supposed to stay in Maui for another week of vacay. But, OK...the drinking part works too! :)

    1. OK...This just goes to show you where my head is (which is in the wrong place). I NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED IT AS A SIGN TO STAY ANOTHER WEEK! ugh. I had already devised a plan to have my mother fed-ex my passport to the resort.

      What a missed opportunity! But in all reality, I couldn't stay any longer. One week is my max without the kids. On day 6, my internal mommy alarm clock went off and I was ready to pack up and head home to the kids!


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