Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Blonde Experiment: Who Won The Bet?

I've gone through the change already (I'm not talking menopause, please, I pray I have a few more years before that misery), and now, Cindy and I have our bet to settle. Although, it's not so cut and dry who won the buck.

I was filled with excitement as I waited for Doc H to return home after his long day at the hospital. As soon as he came through the door, I ran to greet him at the door following our dog's lead. I gave him a kiss and looked him in the eye to make sure he got a good look at me. 

Me: How was your day?
Doc H: Exhausting.


He continued on to complete his "I just got home" routine: "hi" to what ever kids are home at the moment, keys on the counter, a quick rifle through the day's mail, upstairs to change. I continued cooking dinner.

He came downstairs and joined me in the kitchen. Time just ticked away. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. His inner-ID must have been screaming the warning, "NO NOOKIE ALERT! NO NOOKIE ALERT!" at him, because Doc H poured me a glass of wine as if he knew he would need to dull my senses a tad. 

I drank the glass plus some.

About an hour passed... and finally(!!!!)...

Doc H: Did you get your hair cut today? (cut!)
Me: What?
Doc H: (Now he's giving my hair a good look) Did you? (He's a little panicked now, he knows he's a little weak in the 'notice the wifey's hair' department). Did you get your hair cut?
Me: ...snarky laugh...
Doc H: You didn't?
Me: ...snarky laugh...
Doc H: You did. You got your hair cut.
Me: That's it? ...I went blonde!

Doc H: Well, you didn't have to lie about it!
Me: I lied?! I didn't lie!
Doc H: You didn't tell me when I asked.

Oye vey. 

I ask you... who won the buck? 


  1. LOL I say he definitely didn't notice in the allotted time frame that is allowed to be considered as him "noticing"! He did a half decent save near the end asking if you "cut" it, but even then didn't notice the colour change. So unfortunately, I would say Cindy won the bet! (she said he wouldn't notice right? lol) So funny though :)

    1. I agree with you! And I did think it was funny. Thank goodness I have a sense of humor, otherwise it would've been the doghouse for him!

  2. Tell Doc H he let me down!

  3. I don't think guys notice anything different at all. When My husband knows I have a hair appointment, the first thing he says when I walk through the door is, "Hi Sweetie, your hair looks great!" I don't think he even had a chance to look up from the TV before saying it and it's a "cover all your bases" type of comment. I think Cindy won the bet.

    1. OOooooo! You married a smart one. He nips any chance of discord in the bud!

  4. I am the worst wife ever.... it takes me week to notice my husband's hair post cut. Usually our conversation goes as follows:
    Me: Oh you look handsome.
    Doc: Thanks
    Me: Did you loose weight?
    Doc: A bit I squeezed my fat ass into those dress pants my dad gave me. (Last nights conversation word for word I swear.)
    Me: Good for you! Yeah you look different.
    Doc: Yeah they went a little shorted this time.
    Me: OH you had a hair cut!!! I knew something was different!
    Doc: Seriously? You are so oblivious.
    Me: What I haven't seen you in daylight for 2 weeks. BTW keep up the trauma rotation diet.

  5. Haha- I dyed my hair blond this week and my husband was like, something is different! Men!


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