Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Blonde Experiment

Do blondes have more fun?

I'm about to find out. How crazy is that? All I know is I went for my 6 week therapy session hair appointment and told my friend and hair stylist, Cindy, I wanted to go lighter.

Cindy: How much lighter?
Me: Like this strand right here (I pull out the lightest highlight I can find). I'm going to Maui. I want to look summer-y.
Cindy: You want me to run that all through? It'll get quite light.
Me: Yep.

And so she did. Yowza! This is the closest to blonde I have ever been! AND I LOVE IT!!!! I even feel...(dare I say it?)...racy! Are forty-somethings allowed to feel like that?

I went from this color...
I wish I looked her.

To this color...
Or her.

I can't wait for Doc H to get home.

Cindy and I made a little wager as to whether Doc H would notice or not. Cindy has been my therapist hair stylist through marriage, baby, divorce, dating, and now this marriage. She knows me. She gets me. She laughs as she asks if Doc H noticed we lopped four inches off  on my last appointment. Nope, but the kids did... they always notice right away. Doc H rarely notices when I've been to the salon. It's become a running joke. We have a dollar wager on the situation at hand.

I say he will, she says no.

We'll see about that. I've decided I will conduct a very scientific experiment and analyze all data collected in order to come to a definitive answer to that age old question: Do blondes have more fun?


  1. You're absolutely allowed to feel that way at ANY age! Have fun! Why don't guys ever notice hair cuts/color changes?!

  2. I bet it looks great!! He'd better notice lol. Men are SOO bad for not noticing hair. Especially my dad with my mom when she dyes it or cuts it hahaha. I can't wait for you to post about his reaction ;)

  3. Hhaah that's a big change - I bet he notices!

  4. I love the color of J Lo's hair in that pic. That's what my haircolor is supposed to look like...
    So, did Doc H notice the highlights?


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