Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Cuts Cost

I would love to tell you I have sat back, analyzed all the data and can outline and intelligently explain all the reasons why businesses and corporate America should stop with the lay-offs. But, I can't. That's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about haircuts. Ladies' haircuts to be specific. I don't want to get on the soap box over the cost of men's vs ladies' cuts. We all know the direct correlation of gender pricing which is just financial injustice if you ask me, but again, that's not where I'm going. I've decided cuts (and color) are ridiculously expensive, and, yet, I'm willing to pay the price. 

I'm not paying in the name of beauty. No, no, definitely not beauty. Because paying astronomical amounts of money for just a cut and color is highway robbery, right? Downright insane. So insane, I'm too embarrassed to note exactly how much I pay. 

If you're like me (and I think many woman are), we bond with our hair stylist. Cindy isn't just my hair stylist, she's my therapist who just happens to make my hair beautiful during our session.  

I have been attending therapy session with Cindy for over 20 years. Do you know what we've survived together over two decades? Tons. 

Dating: (that alone should be enough)
Weddings: 3
IVF: 4
Babies: 6
Adoptions: 2
Divorce: 1
Family Deaths: 3

Additionally, there have been numerous serious illnesses, surgeries, and family drama which is not to over-shadow any ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, or ex-husband drama which has been *blessed* upon us. 

So, every six weeks I go and get comfortable in her chair, lay back in the shampoo bowl and allow the therapeutic nature of our session begin. I am so lucky, 'cause she colors my grays during our sessions. So much cheaper than having to pay for just a cut. 


  1. Yes, I am dying because I haven't found a new "therapist" since we moved here...uggghhh....everytime I come home, Steve is always shocked at how much it though he didn't remember the last time. So annoyiing.

    1. Look at the bright side... at least he noticed you got your hair done! ;)

  2. Cheaper than a therapist lol



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