Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Doctor's Retirement Dinner

When Doc Hubby first came to {insert name of a prestigious hospital here}, he took a strong liking to his Chief.  Doc Chief was a kind and open-hearted soul who was capable of demanding the best of his fellows and collegues without being an overbearing, ego-centric, a**-grinding, a**hole we all know some docs can be. His collegues and coworkers found him to be gentle, yet firm. They all enjoyed working with him and this was clearly evident as everyone celebrated his retirement with loving, sincere, and genuine tributes at Doc C's swanky retirement soiree.

I'll admit, I really don't enjoy going to these things. Well, let me rephrase... I don't like getting ready for these things. Once I get there, find someone I can talk to and relate to, (and have a glass of wine--or two) I can enjoy the evening. If any one of those three factors is's a dud of a night and I'm left asking why in the hell did I even considering stuffing myself into a pair of Spanx for the evening?! I hate feeling all my fat squeezed up and under my armpits! It creates chaffing. Yes. I chaff at these events.

S-O-B {read that as tears or an acronym, your choice}

And, yes, I do love my Badgley Mischka's, but in all honesty, my feet (or any other woman's for that matter) were not meant to be at such an excruiating angle for so long. If God had made us with this intention, girls would be born with ballet pointe slippers strapped to their feet. Yet, I stood through cocktail hour like a warrior. The wine flowed freely and seemed to settle down in my feet. I blame the numbness for my wobbles, it was never the alcohol or the stilettos.

Before I leave shoes, I have to tell you, I've never seen so many red soled shoes in my life. Not even in the Bloomingdales shoe department. I'll admit, I had alterior motives to dropping my napkin on the floor and putting my face as close to the floor as possible. I was taking stock of Louboutin inventory for the event just as any self-repecting, card carrying Nordstrom member would do. 

Why must lipgloss be so damn sticky? I was trying to look as elegant and sophisticated as possible as I was having a conversation with a Doc who has devices named after him. Big Honcho in the world of medicine and mentor to my Doc H. It was still wine and appetizer hour when we were standing, chatting away. I found myself having to peel my bottom lip off my pinot wine glass... while he spoke...and watched. He dismissed himself immediately thereafter.

I can't really blame him.


So much happened at this dinner, I've decided to write a few installments so I don't overwhelm you or take up too much of your day. Please be sure to follow via GFC, Linky, email, Twitter, or Facebook to make sure you don't miss out on the rest of the story. 

Click here for Part 2: Social Calendars and Choosing a Dinner Partner


  1. Oh,shoes.... I am convinced that nothing says "we did it" like a pair of designer shoe that could never have made their way into the budget before! I may have a little problem with shopping for a brief period of time, but I intend to work it all out of my system as quickly as possible:-)

    Sounds like a great night and I can't wait to hear more about it!

    1. I've always had an issue with shoes... no matter what my budget was. I don't wear them often, but just knowing they're in my closet is soothing to me. I'm demented that way.

  2. Yikes! Doesnt sound fun at all! Cant wait to read the rest though. ha :)

  3. I can so relate to the lip gloss moment. A failed attempt to delicately get it off my teeth observed by my husband's boss to both of our dismay. But it was a like a trainwreck and he kept watching. The shoes I can only dream about and stalk in magazines. Interesting and honest peek into a life many of us have only seen on TV! Happy SITs day!

  4. I stopped wearing heels when I saw an ex-ray of my arch and the arthritis threatening to destroy it. Hope you enjoy your next have-to-go-to event. Happy SITS Day.

  5. Ha! I LOVE my heels, my hubby's coworkers wives don't wear stilettos like I do, so I am always the one withthe purple bleeding feet. But they look amazing in heels so it is worth it! Happy SITS day.

  6. I hate HATE obligatory social things. And I don't wear heals. Well, not often anyway.

  7. ugh, stupid lip gloss...if it's sticky, it's not going on my lips.

  8. I know... things ladies put up with, God help us all!
    Happy SITS day, enjoy every moment of it!

  9. Happy SITS Day! I always take a pair of flats to put on in the car, immediately!

  10. oddly enough I love heels, but have stopped buying them; I've fallen in love with sperry's and wear them like its nobody's business. Can't wait to hear the rest :)

    Happy SITS day :)


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