Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spousal Chatter

Running three hours behind on our road trip, Doc H and I decide to run through a drive-thru. We don't do fast food often, so we really don't know how or what to order. Since Doc H had only slept about 10 hours out of the last 72 hours, I was driving.

Obesity Pusher (OP): Welcome to "We Feed You Pink Slime and Fill Your Arteries with Plaque Build UP". May I take your order?
Me: I'll have a mini-meal.
OP: Which one?
Me: Cheeseburger.
OP: We only have a double cheeseburger mini-meal.
Me: Uhhh, okay, but no mayo. With an iced tea, please.
OP: Will you be ordering anything else today?
Me: (to Doc H) What do you want?
Doc H: (half asleep in passenger seat) Get me a #11.
Me: (to OP) I need a #11.
OP: Would you like to up that to a large?
Doc H: (to me, very emphatically and disgusted) NO! That's a heart stopper! (he's awake now)
OP: Excuse me?
Me: (to OP) No, no. No large.
OP: What would you like to drink?

I turn to Doc H and he quickly answers, "I'll have an M&M McFlurry!"

Seriously Shawn


  1. Doc H seems to know the menu far too well.

  2. He was awake enough to know that he wanted that McFlurry! It really is sad just how horrible fast food is for you and the fact that they push bigger on you is just not right. Super size my ass you asked? Why yes, I don't mind if I do! No, thanks!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. My rationale on this is that if he hasn't slept, he probably hasn't eaten either, so any calories are good calories! Plus, I'm told McFlurries are yummy and yummy foods are usually good for you. (See how medically sound and obviously correct my reasoning is? :D) Thanks for the Twitter comment yesterday too!

    1. You are so right...no food. Hungry man. Too tired to even be grouchy. :(

  4. P.S.- They're only putting DOUBLE cheeseburgers in mini meals? Because kids need 9 oz of meat in one sitting?!

    1. No, not kid's meal, Mini-meal. However, if I ever find myself in that situation again, I'm ordering a kid's meal. It's smaller then the meal I had.

    2. That makes me feel better! I was getting outraged over here.

  5. You had me at "Obesity Pusher...!"

  6. I haven't had a McFlurry, but I am pretty sure you can't drink them... unless they are melted. I feel guilty every time I pull through the drive-thru. I know I shouldn't but somehow I am compelled against my better judgement. I will probably be there tomorrow:-)

  7. Oh great! I'm craving a freaking McFlurry now! That sounds sooooo good! I'm grossed out by the pink slime stuff. I just recently found out what that is. It's disturbing. Seriously! Well, I'm glad he didn't make it a large WITH the flurry. HA!

    Ok, so do you know Red Stethoscope? I love her but she's incognito as are you so therefore I feel like you should know each other.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Definitely know Red. She's the best!!! ;)

    2. Hello ladies! I like how I get to be called, "incognito!" It sounds mysterious and intriguing--much more interesting than "unknown med. student." I am a stranger on the internet...hahaha!

  8. So before we "met," (and before I even knew how to even link posts without typing out the entire URL which may or may not be relevant to my point...) I wrote a few posts that would be much funnier had I included an Obesity Pusher. I also wrote about another blog that wrote about a school that took away a child's turkey sandwich and made him eat chicken nuggets (pink slime). I thought you might like that! I don't know if you are interested or not, but I am a B(logpost) Pusher!

  9. lol...love the McFlurry part! He had no problem adding that to his meal ;) hehe.


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