Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Granny Camp is Over

Sadly, Granny Camp is over. Even the kids wish they had another week at Granny Camp.

The past week was lovely. The house was so quiet all I could hear is the quiet electrical hum throughout the house and I loved every second of it.

There is nothing better than Granny Camp. Once the kids are in Granny's capable hands, it's a worry free week for us. And, yes, Doc H and I took advantage of our child free home this past week. {You know what I mean.}

At Granny Camp, we know the kids will eat well. They will be entertained. They will camp, ride jet skis, make s'mores, get everything they ask for.

We sent them with money, but they will not be allowed to use any of it. They will try to use the money for purchases, but will be told to save it....and they will.

The kids will enjoy a week free of chores, free of nagging. The will stay up late, sleep late, eat dessert first if that's their heart's desire.

Begrudgingly, Granny will send them home. They will walk off the the plane happy, content and full of stories and laughter.

As if sending your children home to you all smiles is not good enough, Granny sends home a fabulous gift. This gift is not for the kids, but for mom. A special gift, a gift only moms would and could appreciate. A gift above and beyond sending your children home happy, healthy, and well-cared for. A gift you could not, would not EVER receive from any other camp.

Yes, my mother-in-law sent all the kids home with their luggage filled with laundry... CLEAN laundry!

God Bless Granny Camp!


  1. um, can I go to granny camp, too?!

  2. A very funny ending to a very interesting post. God bless Granny Camp. No better way to say it!
    Found you on CCBN and now follow you via GFC.
    Have a great day!

  3. Awww Granny Camp sounds awesome!! I want to go! lol. And how fabulous is that, that she sent them home with CLEAN laundry! Wow, she's awesome :) Glad you guys enjoyed your kid-free house!

  4. I love granny camp, too! Luckily, ours is open year round. Without out it, Kellie and wouldn't be able to travel.

  5. Can your mom please train my mom to run this Granny Camp business for my future kids? K, thanks. :)

  6. My sister does "camp Nonna" but her oldest grand is 12. The rule is you have to be potty trained. One of the big deals is icecream in bed.....for breakfast. beach trip, pool, and on & on. I want to go!


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