Friday, June 15, 2012

Hospital Politics: A Letter to the Hospital Administrators

I've noticed that several bloggers write Friday Letters. Today I'm jumping on the bandwagon because this is weighing on my bust line and gravity is doing it's job gloriously, there's no help needed.

This, not that.
Dear Hospital Administrators,

Being that you sent my Doc H home to me in a foul mood last night, I feel entitled to share my thoughts with you.

WTF. Really? Blatant, obvious internal politics is grotesque and does not endear you to anyone. Last time I checked, there is a pecking order within the hospital and laying down an "executive" decision to rearrange that order is demeaning.

Here is a guideline for expected behavior. I think you need one.

  • Never lie or go back on your word.
  • Lay the expectations down in the beginning, this will eliminate any misunderstandings in the future.
  • Don't call a meeting to "discuss" a topic, then begin said meeting with "a final decision has been made".
  • What happened to working together towards better patient care? Pitting departments against each other is not a foundation which will foster such philosophy.
Didn't anyone ever tell you? While it may be in differing degrees, doctors have egos. Their reputation is directly linked to their ego. {Unless, we're talking documented and proven medical malpractice}Don't mess with either. It is the ego which feeds the confidence. This confidence enables these men and woman to stretch beyond their comfort zone to save a life. While it may not mean much to you, I assure you it means the world to that patient laying on the table and his or her family.

Remember this: ultimately, your hospital is only as good as the physicians and surgeons you have employed. How will this decision be helpful in recruiting future physicians? Not well. I am willing to bet this type of admin behavior will be the talk of med town, not only at the hospital, but at every hospital & medical conference around. I can absolutely guarantee all the doc wives will be gossiping and bitching about this.

Today is a new day. I hope you send home my husband in a better mood by making your wrongs right. {don't worry, I'm not holding my breath}

Disgusted, Disgruntled, and in Disbelief,

Mrs. Doc H


  1. Great letter and very well spoken! Maybe you should post this letter at the entrance of the hospital...anonymously of course hehe...or better yet, in the newspaper! ;)

    1. I'm considering dressing up as the Hamburglar and taping it to the front doors of the lobby.

  2. Nicely written! Standing Ovation!!!

    1. Thanks. I got such an earful last night! It's just my favorite thing to do...Spend the whole night listening about the stupidity of highly educated people. GRRRRR!!!
      (BTW...there is a BIG difference between "GRRRRR" and ""RAWR"!! Hehehe!

  3. Whatever went down at the hospital it doesn't sound good. Love when the admin suits think they know medicine. Hope the mood tonight is much better!


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