Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Thinking Doc H Doesn't Read This Blog

Doc H has a snarky sense of humor... which I LOVE!

I'm thinking Doc H doesn't read this blog. 
Or, at the very least, understand the premise of this blog.
What do you think?

... And for the record, he drove. 
And we ended up at the wrong place. 

If you ask him, we were given the wrong address.
If you ask me, the outcome would've been the same,
no matter what address we were given.


  1. Not your fodder? Hahahahah and again Ha! This was very funny, thanks for making me laugh through my novacained mouth! There is nothing funny about a dental procedure first thing in the morning...

  2. He's obviously not a regular reader of your blog. I have about the same navagational abilities as Doc H, so Kellie rarely lets me drive. She sometimes wonders how I never managed to get lost when taking my submarine to sea.

  3. Love this! Every hubby and wife can relate!

  4. So funny! Seriously, I would hate to be the spouse of a blogger--I'd (rightly so!) feel like any move I'd make would become public. My poor husband...

    1. I sometimes wonder how my husband feels about me blogging about our life. I try not to speak for him or mention anything too personal without clearing it with him before posting but you never know who'll read it. While we don't share the same last name people who know us both can make the connection. He must not mind too much though since he tells people about my blog even though he rarely reads it himself.

  5. What a great sense of humor! You really do have a prince in disguise. I have no doubt the ride was fun even if you did get to the wrong place. :)

  6. Haha, this exact scenario definitely would play out between my boyfriend and myself. He's so convinced he's right, and at the very least that my driving is something worth talking about. I love when karma kicks their smugness in the behind!


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