Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Mumma Worries

3am. Wake up to lay in bed and conjure up every single disastrous thought I could regarding our decision allowing the three younger kids to fly solo to visit the grandparents.

4:15am. Physically get up and despite my trepidations, I wake the kids to get ready to go to the airport.

4:30am. Yell at the kids to wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!!!!

4:45am. Show LB his passport. Try to give it to him. Tell him not to lose it. He tells me, "You better give it to someone else, then." Hand the passport to D2.

5am. All five of us are in the Pimp Mobile Minivan. No coffee. Basically comatose. We begin the hour trek to the airport.

5:10am. Doc H grabs my hand and wishes me a happy anniversary.

5:40am. Airport parking.

6am. Luggage checked.

6:10am. Watching the kids go through security

6:15am. Hijack some stranger's latte (by accident- I swear).

6:25am: Accidentally text "Did you make it through security without a pat down?" to a client.

Obviously, I needed more sleep. The kids were all gone, Doc H was at work, the house was blissfully quiet. Nap time.

Big fail. No sleep. So, what's a tired and worried mother to do?

I tex-arrassed the kids until they landed. Shot off texts every couple of minutes.

Where are you?
Did you get something to eat?
Use the bathrooms.
Are you at the gate?
The right gate?
Don't fall asleep and miss boarding?
No, I didn't see your earphones in the car.
Did you remember your toothbrush?
You can put away your ID's now. You won't need them anymore.
Is the plane nice?
Did they let you on first?
Was there room for your carry on?
Are you still on-time?
Be sure you don't bother the other passengers around you.
Don't forget your please and thank you's.
Help your grandmother.
Dress appropriately around your grandfather.
Don't get lost on the way to baggage claim.
Read the signs.
Do you see them?
Are they there?

They hate me.

They landed safely and found the grandparents. I think I may try taking that nap again.


  1. HA! Is it wrong that I love the 6:25 moment? Your kids would hate you anyway, even if you didn't harass them. Grandparents are evil and will always surpass you in fun, cool, and laxity no matter what you do! :P

    1. I know. I have to re-train them every year. This year is the first time we've let them fly by themselves. Usually at least one of us flies with them to drop off and pick up.

  2. I just found your blog through the blog hop! I love it's originality and content. I am a new follower!

  3. You need a sedative the next time they fly. I'm sure Doc H can hook you up.

  4. My kids call it "psycho texting." They know if they don't respond, I immediately assume they've been murdered. I can't help myself.

    1. Not only do I assume, I immediately drive over and pick them up. They finally get it, so they reply right away. Nothing like having your mother show up at a party two hours early for pick up.


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