Sunday, July 22, 2012

Play It Again, Sam, Sunday {No Zzz's for Doc}

No Zzz's for Doc

I'm imagining Doc H is like this at the moment....

While he doesn't wear those funky white clogs, I'm sure he's dreaming of zzz's right now.

We enjoyed a nice family dinner last night with extended family. We laughed and carried on...talked football, New Year's Eve parties, kids, and everything else under the sun. Doc H missed it... was called into the hospital on MLK holiday. He finally dined on the reheated dinner I brought home for him when he returned home at 10pm .  Not a bad work day for him. Until....

2am. The beeper. The beeper. It's a sound that I can only describe as worse than nails on a chalkboard times 1000. The sound is amplified when it comes piercing into your sleep, abruptly halting any hopes of REM sleep I had for the rest of the night.

His end of the phone conversation makes it's way up the stairs and into our room. I am drowsy...trying to piece it all together in my mind. He is alert, gathering data, asking the pertinent questions. I hear (in an authoritative and decisive voice, "Alert the OR. Let them know we are coming. I'll be right there." He is now in, what I like to call, "I have to go save a life" mode.

It's freezing outside. He runs out to his car to start defrosting. (God bless those poor doctors in Minnesota!) He is in his robe and slippers. He comes upstairs, turns on all the lights to dress. I cover my eyes with a pillow. From under the pillow, I fight to put my words in semblance, "What's happening?"

"I have a ruptured triple A in the ER." he says as he is scrambling to get dressed, brush teeth, comb his hair.  I am so sleepy, I don't even answer. I know what that means. I don't need any further explanation. I know how the day is going to play out. We've lived this scenario PLENTY.

What's a triple A, you ask? It's bad news, especially if it has ruptured. He or she is bleeding out- all the blood just pooling. Time is definitely of the essence.

I was hoping I would see Doc H home early this morning for at least a shower and cup of coffee before clinic. No such luck. I hope he found a couple of minutes before rounding and clinic to catch some zzz's.


  1. I can't imagine! Hope he gets a chance to rest soon and hope you get a chance to SEE him soon...

  2. Oh the "beep beep" as my daughter calls. it. I hate that pager! I don't know how they do it! Visiting from the Linky Party!

  3. Oh man! The life for you both! Kinda glad my husband choose to be a pharmacist! Lol So grateful for good Drs. though and the wives and families that support them. Found you on the blog hop. Looking forward to more of your posts

  4. I'm pretty familiar with the MD life, not because of my own family but because I've worked in the medical field since I was legal to work. I feel you and I hope you two get the time you deserve. I found your blog through the bloghop and also read year story (about tab). I'm SO staying :)

  5. I can't even imagine how they can wake up out of a sound sleep and go right into action, but I thank God that they do!


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