Monday, July 16, 2012

Tween Tales: The Bathroom

When we remodeled the kids' bathroom, despite the fact that LB is out numbered 3 to l in the gender ratio and my desperate want to make as least one little nook of the house feminine, I was careful to make sure the color scheme and decor would please ALL the kids-- girls and boy alike.

Eighteen months have passed since we completed the remodel and I think LB used the kids' bathroom only the first two months. He prefers to use our master bathroom.

Before you go thinking, "Well, I would, too! This doc wife's bathroom must be a mini spa" let me enlighten you..

Our master is half the size of the kids bathroom. We have no tub. Just a stall shower. There is no glass door on said shower. Our glass door broke and decided to land on my foot. Since the broken shower door, we have also remodeled our bathroom, but I believe I have paranoia when it comes to ordering a glass shower door. Instead, we have a curtain...super classy...super luxurious.

Yet, LB prefers to use our tiny, modest bathroom and shower.

Yesterday, LB and I were driving around town running some errands. The issue of bathroom usage came up.

LB: I never use the [kids'] bathroom. I like to use your bathroom.
Me: I know and that's fine.
LB: Yeah, because I don't like using the girls' bathroom. It smells Well, it just smells like GIRLS!


  1. My brother was the only boy in our house, I know we could "smell" his different scent I am sure with 4 sisters he was overwhelmed by ours. Our current shower is glass enclosed, and I hate it. Unless you like cleaning it every day it always looks spotted. Poor guy, sounds like he needs his own bathroom - maybe another remodel in your future?

  2. So cute. I love that he has a "safe place" to go instead. I promise to NOT be the one to let your secret out. You know, the one about you being a yucky girl, too.

  3. Even when he begins to appreciate the smell of girls, he'll always dislike the smell of sisters.

  4. LOL! Mini-Me will only shower in my bathroom even though she has her own. I think she likes the big shower and coming in for a visit.


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