Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week In Review

It's been a busy week! Did you catch everything?

On Play It Again, Sam, Sunday, I posted Professional Courtesy, my rant against rudeness in the workplace.

Next,  I participated in Monday Listicles and posted What I Will and Won't Miss, a list inspired by the late, great Nora Ephron's own list.

On Tuesday, I penned a guest post and described my latest accidental foray into the medical field in Soup, Salad, and Blood.

Later that evening, I also posted My Daily Scrounge. It is my vice. What can I say???

On Wednesday, I introduced you to my sponsor, Healthily Ever After. You don't want to miss her guest post or her blog.  Great family advice! I especially loved rule #14 where she lays down the law to her kids... "If you are going to drink our liquor, please replace."

I also saw a post on Dr. Erhumu's blog to potential med school students which really struck a cord with me. While I cannot write to what or how Doc H got through medical school, I can tell you what has helped in find balance in his life. So, I did in Thinking About Medical School?

Thursday, I used my blog as therapy and vented like only a divorced woman dealing with and ex-husband can.  Instead, of driving to my therapist's office, I pounded out I'm So Mad: A Message to Non-Custodial Parents.

Feeling guilty about venting my frustrations on you the previous day, I decided to end the week with a little story focusing on our healthy eating journey which made me chuckle. Doc H does make me laugh... even when he's not trying. Doc H, the Oven, and Healthy Snacks.

Hope you all a great week. Enjoy the weekend!

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