Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 - It's a Strange World

I'm pretty sure there was a time in childhood I did the math to see if I would be alive in the 21st century. It seemed so far into the future and time seemed abundant. As a kid I enjoyed the simple things... playing kick the can, a game of hide and go seek, running through the sprinklers, homemade grape juice popsicles, and a half hour every afternoon of Tom and Jerry on our black and white TV.

"Times have changed" is a colossal understatement.

10 Clues You are Living in 2012

1. Thanks to my newly remodeled bathroom and auto-flush commode, I am out of the habit of flushing.  Very bad for the person following me in a public restroom. So, SO, sorry for that.
2. I sleep with electronic gadgets in my bed. They vibrate. RIP Steve Jobs.

3. When I wake up in the middle of the night, instead of checking on the kids, I check on my blog.

4. My car talks to me and obeys me as I order it to call Doc H and others. It also blows cool air in all the right places.

5. Scientists have screwed with our food, so I find myself spending so much time making sure what I'm eating is TRULY healthy.

6. Whenever our college daughter is feeling homesick, we simply flip on FaceTime or Skype and just go about our business. It is the next best thing as having her here in person. 

7. For the first time in my life, I am finally feeling like an adult. That makes me feel old... and somewhat grumpy. 

8. We own electronic 3D glasses for our 3D TV. I didn't want it, but that's what happens when you send your husband TV shopping on his own. Watching in 3D makes us look like a family of geek-o-freaks.

9. "There's an app for that."

10. Rather then yelling for you throughout the house, your children simply text you... even when only twenty-five feet away.

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  1. Teen "lazy" texting was one of mine too! You are way ahead of me on the 3D TV. Maybe I only have one foot into 2012 afterall...

  2. Kellie texts me to bring her coffee when I'm in the next room.

  3. #3 cracks me up! The last school i taught at had auto flush toilets & "magic soap/sinks/papertowels". It's like I lost all ability to flush, pump soap, turn on water etc.

  4. Yup, I can relate. My favorite is having to check what's in your food. So true!

  5. my children think google is magic and knows everything.

  6. The boys in this house NEED that auto flush toilet. In fact, I think that may be my gift to the family. Wonder if I can train the cats to use it as well....

  7. this is too funny! i especially am scared about #10...but can totally view it's merit. my daughter's LOUD 3 yr old voice would be better received via text. if only....:)

  8. Haha I love it!! My parents do the Facetime & Skype thing for me it helps me feel like I am not on the other side of the world ;)

  9. #1 is hilarious! I catch myself forgetting to flush sometimes too! HAHA! Oooops!

  10. At least they are texting you. If they facebooked the whole world would know you are too busy checking on your blog and they are asking when dinner is ;)
    Love this list, it is so shocking reading it. Makes me feel old and wanting to play kick the can...


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