Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Zombie's Piss and Vinegar

Our house has become Zombieland. Sleep has become a non-existent reality since Monday.  It's Thursday. Zoink.

This morning, bright lights woke me. In a sleepy fit of anger I flipped over in bed and shoved my head under pillows. I couldn't help but hear Doc H's bullish ways as he opened and closed drawers and cabinets as he dressed. Downstairs in the kitchen, plates clinked and utensils clanked echoing back into our bedroom where I was concentrating on multiple forms of the letter z. 

Clickity-clank goes the coffee cup on the granite counter.

Clink, clink, clink goes the spoon in the cereal bowl.

Ding, ding, ding sounds the house alarm as Doc H goes outside to feed the koi and again, as he comes back inside.

I hear Doc H's heavy footsteps thumping their way back up the stairs. 

GREAT! I'm going to give that man a piece of my mind! GRRRRR!! For the love of MARRIAGE, come on, a little QUIET is all I'm screaming for! Is that too much to ask?! I'm ready to spew my piss and vinegar all over him!

I pause from gnashing my teeth to peek out from under the pillow with one eye. I notice the room has returned to its dark state. Figuring it must be about 5:45am, I glance over to the clock. 


I catch a glimpse of Doc H fully dressed in his OR regalia... ready to battle in the name of health care for the entire, long day beginning at only 3:45am. 

I think I'll put my piss in the commode and use my vinegar on tonight's salad.


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  1. Yikes! And, that's why I'm not going into surgery.

  2. It always seems something like that happens when we need the most sleep. And I can relate to the bull in the kitchen. My husband swears he is trying to be quiet, but I can hear every move he makes! Hope you have some consolidated rest in your future.

  3. Awww I can imagine how long his days must be when they start off like that! But I completely know the feeling of being so tired that when other family members (mainly husbands lol) are in the kitchen or getting ready, every sound (small or not) echoes through the whole house.

  4. Way to put it in perspective, but geesh, a little quiet couldn't hurt!

  5. The hours of a surgeon are truly insane. Thankfully my field (internal medicine) is slightly more reasonable. Hope you and your husband both get some well-deserved sleep soon.

    Have you thought about ear plugs?

  6. Oh man ... I know how tough it is! I hope sleep has returned to *normal* for you again!

    Found you through the Blog Hop! :)

  7. I am always in awe of those hours. There should be sleep psychology questions on the MCAT. Ellen


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