Friday, August 24, 2012

The Power of Sex

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Thanks to the ladies behind Doctors' Wives Living for letting me share this with you.
~Emma, Your Doctor's Wife

By Steven Johns

So we men never get to do this: fill a blank screen with our thoughts on sex. Seriously, there is no Sex and the Citymen’s version because Charlie Sheen was in jail when they pitched that idea to HBO.  I am about to address a question that I was recently asked, which was, “Why do men always think about sex and women think about romance?”  I am about to argue that while men do obsess about sex, many women use sex as a tool to control their men and that romance is a clever cover for their devious behaviour.
It’s true that most men are constantly thinking about sex. Some are constantly getting it, but probably not with same woman unless they are dating her or only been married for a short time period. Basically, it’s because women control sex leaving them the option to think about romance. What woman doesn’t get to decide when to have sex with her man? “Honey I am in the mood,” sends a man running into the house tripping over himself with his pants around his ankles.
We men don’t get to hold out like women do. We need sex. We also need water and oxygen but they can be put on hold for a night or two if necessary.  We are innately horny creatures where women are innately wooed. The problem is we often don’t know how to woo.
So women quickly realize that sex is their tool, like the dangling carrot. “Honey, if you clean the gutters, I will pretend it’s your birthday,” will lead to your gutters, your mother’s gutters and your favourite girlfriends gutters all being cleaned in record time. I am not saying women don’t need sex too, but they possess self control (for the most part), hence they bring a gun to a sexual knife fight.
I can back this theory up with proof. I just got out of a relationship with a woman who on an average Sunday would have me take her kid and all her friends to the park, cook her dinner and God knows what else and then around ten pm, inform me she wasn’t in the mood. Yet I would still do it the next night hoping for better results. Am I an idiot…possibly, but the sex was good so I was a man and did what I had to do in hopes of getting another crack at the Stanley cup of bedroom experiences.  I tried romance, she laughed, I bought her flowers, and she gave them to her kid. I made her life easier, she put out. She used sex as a tool and didn’t give a darn about the romance.
So, please stop with the romance excuse. Women essentially decide where, when, why, and unless it’s the aforementioned birthday; how.  It may not be true in all cases, but look deep inside yourself and ask, “have you ever used sex as a way to get your man to mow the lawn?” and if you answer “no,” then what the hell are you waiting for, get him to clean the gutters and trim the roses while he’s at it.
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  1. Of course this is true. It's the theme behind half my blog posts.

  2. OK, I read it on DWL and didn't comment then - so I feel a little bad for commenting about it here! Sorry. They hit the nail on the head. How else would anything ever get done around here:-) We hold all the power, and I do feel bad about that - playing with the kids, a clean kitchen, and a back rub. It may be wrong, but it works.


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