Saturday, September 29, 2012

Play It Again {My Dad is a Doctor, But He Knows Nothing About Medicine}

Originally published February 27, 2012

I am beyond perplexed.

Obviously, the teen female brain has evolved (I'm not even sure if that is the right word here) since I was a teen. At first I thought it was just me, so I consulted an expert in this field - my mother.  She readily agreed- she was perplexed as well. She confirmed what I already knew... I was nothing like that during my teen years.

I found myself shaking my head in disbelief the other night in the car. Here's what went down:

Teen Daughter:  I have, like, this bump on my head where I got hit during practice.
Doc H:  What happened?
TD:  I got hit by, like, an elbow or something. It hurts. I have a concussion.
Doc H:  You don't have a concussion.
TD:  YES, DAD! I have a concussion!
Doc H:  No, TD, you don't. Did you lose consciousness?
TD:  No, but it's, like, a concussion. I know, 'cause, sooooooo many girls on our squad have concussions!
Doc H:  Really? They all lost consciousness?
TD:  No.
Doc H:  Then they don't have concussions.
TD:  YES, they do!
Doc H:  No, TD, in order to have a concussion you have to lose consciousness.
TD:  NOOOO that's not true.
Doc H:  (laughing) Yes, it is.
TD:  NO, It's not. I know they have concussions. They told me.
Doc H:  They probably have minor contusions.
TD:  NO, DAD! Concussions!

(Little Buddy finally can't take it anymore. He chimes in.)
LB:  TEEN SISTER! He's a DOCTOR! He should know! You're not alway right!
TD:  LB, you don't know what we're, like, even talking about! Mind your own business!

Me:  TD, how can you argue with your father who has a degree in medicine?!
TD:  He's not right!
Me:  You have to learn how to be open to the possibility that you may be wrong from time to time and it's okay to say, "Thanks for explaining that to me."
TD:  Well, that's not right. (sulk, pout, texts away on her phone - probably to her BF telling him how stupid we are.)

We get home. Doc H comes out holding one of his med school textbooks.

Doc H:  Look, TD,  (he reads)..."Concussion affects only mentation, with return of consciousness moments or minutes after impact."
TD:  (rolls her eyes) Whatever, DAD!
Me:  TD, just soak it in and you can teach your cheer friends the difference next time it comes up. They'll think you're so smart! (trying to be positive and upbeat)
TD:  Whatever, it's not like they really care about that anyways. (stomps upstairs)

Dear God, give me patience...


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Friday, September 28, 2012

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Forgetting to Utilize the "Doc Wife" Card

Yesterday, as I looked out from the terminal and caught a glimpse of the commuter plane we would be flying home on, my stomach flipped and bounced whole-heartedly off my bladder. Yes, I vomited and peed my pants all at once. I found myself starring at a propeller plane.

I don't do prop planes.

Doc H, knowing what I was thinking said, "You booked the flights" in a don't-look-at-me, it's-not-my-fault, defensive tone. 

Sweet baby Jeezus, I just want to get home without falling from the sky.

Thankfully, that prop plane was not our plane. Our plane pulled up and was a smidgen larger with two small jet engines. 

My insides settled. Just a little.

On the inside, I was cursing myself for not fully utilizing my "doc wife" card to it's fullest extent. Why, oh why, didn't I ask Doc H for a prescription of pills which would render me senseless... a state of unconsciousness even more preferable.

I loathe flying.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Warm His Willy

While killing some spare time during this latest medical convention,
I walked around this sleepy town's downtown. 
Guess what?
Seems this town is not so sleepy after all!
Leave it to me to find some spice.

For goodness sake's, Ladies, here what we've all been praying for...
A gift for the men in our lives who are impossible to buy for...
Just in time for the holidays...
Because you know nothing says "I love you" like...

a real fur jock strap.

These people are serious. 
Notice the "shoplifters will be prosecuted" sign
for their most sought after item.

Every man deserves a warm willy.
I'm pretty sure these will go unnoticed 
underneath Doc H's scrubs, don't you?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Conference Post-Its

It's Tuesday! Do you know what that means? It's... 

Only Parent Chronicles
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Twelve Things You'll Find in the Home of a Surgeon

Surgical tape 
{which has been known to solve every household emergency}.

A stent or two.

Filing cabinets over-stuffed 
with research academic papers 
your surgeon spouse has authored.

Medical text books. The ones s/he used in school and 
copies of the ones of which he's co-authored chapters.


White coats. . . 

 and scrubs.


Tons of diplomas and certificates.

Skin markers {which your kids will use on copious school projects, 
because they can find skin markers quicker than a Sharpie}.

Gross pictures mixed in among your family/vacation photos. 

And, lest we not forget. . .
the stop-what-you-doing, 
never mind-your-personal-need-to-eat-pee-or-have-sex,
the Almighty Pager. . .

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Play it Again, Sam, Sunday {Work the Body, Insure the Body}

Originally published on March 20, 2012

Anyone remember Mary Hart from "Entertainment Tonight"? I remember being gobsmacked hearing she had insured her legs for one million dollars...each! I thought, "Who does that? How stupid!"

I'm re-thinking the "let's insure our body parts" notion. In particular, Doc H's body parts. They're kinda important in our house hold. Let's be real, his fingers, hands, arms, eyes, legs, back and brain are instrumental in paying our bills.

Last week, Doc H slept in a bad position and woke up with a crick in his neck. He went to the hospital looking like he needed a neck brace. A few years ago, he had (what seemed to be) a recurring muscle spasm in his arm. Quietly, I prayed to God hoping it was NOT an early indicator of a debilitating disease such a ALS.  When he couldn't read anything anymore, he broke down and got his reading glasses. When I probed about seeing in the OR he told me it wasn't a problem, because he wore his loops. He has a bum knee right now. I've asked him to make an appointment, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon. It will mean taking a day off work and driving to a far away hospital in a far away land... all in the name of confidentiality.

Why do I bring this up now? Well, yesterday Doc H tweaked his back and as soon as it happened, he immediately started worrying about his day in the OR today. He has a big case where he will have to wear a protective 25 lb. lead vest for hours with a bad back. I feel for him, I really do. I've battled my own back problems for years. It's painful and awful.

And the culprit? The heavy job which crumpled Doc H and made him grimace in pain?

The laundry. I'm heading to the gym. Need to save the body. Keep it strong.

Maybe we should insure my body parts, too.  I'm afraid if I fall apart, this house is falling like a house of cards.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tits in a Box

Remember how I told you I have to dress for doctor? You remember how well the last medical dinner went? I also told about my criteria for travel. Well, this weekend all the aforementioned is colliding into one medical conference. In a non-tropical locale. yippee.

I find myself trying to gear myself up. It's not hard when you know pina coladas and warm sandy beaches are awaiting. This time there's none of that. 

I'm sure it will be nice. I'm sure I may have some fun once I get there.  It's the getting there. The choosing of outfits, the packing of the spanxs, and tits in a box. 

Do you know tits in a box? Do you have a pair of tits in a box? You know, they resemble a pair of boneless, skinless chicken breasts? You use them when there is no bra that could possibly go unseen in that dress? 

The last time I used my tits in a box, was for a dress at a destination wedding we attended in Hawaii. Upon a rushed and stressful packing of our hotel room, Doc H was urging me to hurry up. As I was grabbing my suitcases and bags, he asked if I had forgotten anything. 

Annoyed, I quipped, "NO!"

"Are you sure? Did you check everywhere?"

"Yes! I got it all!"

Smugly, he nodded his head towards the closet and said, "Then why are your tits in the closet?"

With a "hrmpfff", I retrieved my tits and brought them home in my carry-on. 

I wonder how those looked going through the security x-ray.

So, I'm packing them again. . . along with a couple cute dresses, some sexy shoes, eyelashes and spanx.  

Smoke and mirrors, people. Smoke and mirrors.

At Home Take 2

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Time to Talk


The number of sentences Doc H and I have exchanged since Sunday evening. Mind you, it's now Tuesday. 

Marital brawl?


Cases. Complicated cases. Early start cases. Long cases.  Late start cases. Cases.

Nine sentences. Barely enough to qualify as a conversation.

"What are you doing today," he asked me as I was still trying to sleep, and he was threading his belt through the belt loops of his slacks.

"I don't know." I don't know anything at 5:30am.

I laid there with my eyes closed for a few seconds, then it came to me. I'm trying to build the website.

"Did you get my text yesterday about the password? I need to access the website."

"No. I was in OR all day."

"What is it? I need it."

"I'll have to look it up. . . I don't know."

Don't we make a smart pair?

I blame it on the ungodly hour.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post It Tuesday

I've got a ton of random thoughts that I can't possible blog about them all, so I've decided to let them out on Post It Tuesday. Thanks to Ducky, one of the new loves of my blog life,  at BATCRAP CRAZY for turning me on to it!

Here they blow...

Only Parent Chronicles

The Doctor Travels

In the last four weeks, Doc H has completed three of his 6 scheduled business trips.

During this time, I have learned I could never be married to someone whose occupations requires a huge amount of travel.

When he travels, I feel alone despite the kids. Yes, we talk on the phone, but usually it is late at night, there is a time difference involved, and we are both tired. There is a disconnect, and well, I like to be connected to my husband.

Luckily, most are quick, one night trips for one meeting. I thought conference calls and webcams were supposed to eliminate such nonsense.

We text, and every now and then things get so spicy {did you catch the sarcasm?}, Doc H will send me a picture along with some text, he thinks will further amuse me. . .

"Look! The room comes with a Napoleonic robe"

:::sigh::: I love my husband.

Monday, September 17, 2012

First and Second Weddings: Oh, How They Differ!

10 Differences Between a First and Second Wedding

1. You consider eloping via a Las Vegas drive thru chapel in your minivan with all the kids in tow, but realize that won't do when your youngest asks if he'll get a toy at the drive thru.

2. You hunt for months for the perfect wedding dress the first time around. The second, you buy the first dress you try on... off the rack.

3. Your children are in your wedding pictures.

4. You don't register for anything, ask for no gifts, and TRULY mean it.

5. While hundreds attended your first wedding, you only invite the important people in your lives to your second wedding. . . family.

6. Not only do you have a DJ for your guests' entertainment, you also have two arts and crafts tables to entertain the children. 

7. A white dove release seems incredibly stupid.

8. You foot the entire bill for your wedding. 

9. The first wedding took over a year to plan. The second less than six months. You are not particular about specifics or details. It really doesn't matter that the dye lots on the ribbons don't exactly match. 

10. You consider the wedding a formality. You really want a marriage.

But most importantly. . . 

This time, you KNOW you're making the right decision by marrying the man in front of you. There are no question marks running around inside your head. You KNOW this marriage is right and the love you share is a healthy love which can withstand the the inevitable hardships life will throw at you.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Teen Woes: The Cost of Independence

Dear Teens,

As parents, we realize your urge to become independent. Unfortunately, simply throwing thirty bucks on the breakfast table as you run out to school and yelling "THAT'S FOR MY DATA PLAN" doesn't make one independent.

As our founding forefathers realized, independence comes at a price. Simply turning eighteen, does not constitute one as independent, nor does it allow one the freedom to do as one pleases. Only complete independence, allows a person the joy of freedom to decide for one's self.

Allow me the joy of outlining the cost of a teen's independence and freedom, will you?

You'll need a roof over your head. I'm guessing you won't want to pay our rent, so you'll have to move out. If you're lucky you'll be able to find a studio for $800 a month around these parts. You'll need a deposit of $1600 and a reference letter from your previous landlord. Don't look at us.

You'll need to purchase your car from us. Don't worry, we'll give you a sweet deal on that cute little, hand-me-down BMW. $4,000. Unfortunately, your credit worthiness with us is in the crapper. The car payment is now due. . . in full. Again. . . don't look at us.

By law, you need insurance to drive that cute little car. $150 per month

To make that cute car run, you need gas. $240 per month

Don't forget to take care of yourself; medical and dental insurance: $160 per month

Your must have accessory; cell phone: $90 per month

You'll probably get hungry: $450 per month.

You may want to cut out your private SAT tutoring; $400 per month, as well as your private coaching at $160 per month. 

So far, you're looking at a $5,600 start up cost and a monthly cost of $1,890 per month for your independence. That doesn't include any money for fun, extracurriculars, makeup, skincare products, haircuts, eyebrow waxings, 7 for All Mankind jeans, or even tampons for that matter.

Oh, and don't forget to budget some money for that wonderfully expensive, first choice college you have in mind. 

If you can swing all that. . . WOW! Your parents did an AWESOME job with you! Congratulations!

If not, you better adjust the attitude, tuck that tail between your a@@, apologize, and head upstairs and hit the books. 

Dinner will be ready at 6:30, and remember, no texting at the dinner table.

Your Parents

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Tween Tales: She's Crazy

Poor LB. . . he sits back, watches the drama unfold around him, and only pipes up when asked.

So, as I drove him to practice after school, I asked if he thought D2 was getting over the ordeal and he answered like only a tween brother could. . .
She's crazy. I think half her brain is missing. I don't know what she's thinking and I don't WANT to know what she's thinking, 'cause it's all just crazy stuff anyways. It's not healthy.
Good to know his head is still screwed on straight.
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