Sunday, September 9, 2012

Play it Again, Sam, Sunday: {The Back Side of Medicine and Technology}

Originally published March 6, 2012

Technology and medicine have come a long way.

Thanks to the Internet (and Al Gore) my husband is, sometimes, able to field pages from home. From our home computer, he can pull up medical records, look at a patient's CT scan or other study to determine if he needs to go in or not. Technology has definitely been a game changer, not only for the doctors but patients as well.

For instance, once my father was suffering from a bad, itchy rash. He was trying to describe the rash to Doc H over the phone. Doc H suggested he Skype him with his webcam. We were amazed at the clarity of the picture and Doc H was able to diagnose the rash and made treatment suggestions. Viola! Tele-medicine.

I bring this all up because we recently experienced another first in technology and medicine--a blunder, really. A doctor colleague of Doc H's has been should I phrase this... hemmoroidal issues. This particular doctor (let's call him Doc O'Roid), is the exact opposite of Doc H. When Doc H has any issues, he will make me drive him to a far away hospital where no one will (hopefully) recognize him. Doc O'Roid felt comfortable enough to make his appointment right there in the hospital where he works. Good for him! Great for his wife! She doesn't have to drive him outside of town for his appointments. (Honey, if you're reading this, I really don't mind. Honest. I don't really don't mind, cause you'll be driving me out of state for my colonoscopy.)

Doc O'Roid was a little miffed when his colleague, Doc I-Fix-Roids wouldn't break protocol and documented his appointment and reason for the appointment for all the MAs to see. Humiliating, right? These are co-workers knowing your anal business. Bad.

Then the bad got worse. Infection and pain set in. Doc O'Roid needed help. It was his back side and he couldn't see...he couldn't make a self-diagnosis. What's a Doc to do? Call the wife, that's what. I imagine it went down something like this:

DOR: Honey, come help me!
Mrs: What?
DOR: I think I have an infection, can you grab my IPhone?
(Mrs comes in the room with the camera. DOR moons her, grabs his cheeks and spreads them. She dutifully snaps the photo.)

Doc O'Roid texts the photo of the infected area to his friend and doctor, Doc I-Fix-Roids.  Doc O'Roid (who is home using sick days and heavily medicated at this point) mentions the text to Doc H.

At the hospital, Doc H runs into Doc I-Fix-Roids. Doc H asks if he received the lovely photos on his phone from Doc O'Roids.

Doc I-Fix-Roids: Huh? What picture?

Then it all came together for Doc H. He remembered awhile back he tried reaching Doc I-Fix-Roids on his cell phone and a strange lady had answered. Doc I-Fix-Roids had changed his cell phone number.

I'm thinking that lady is changing her phone number today, too.


  1. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  2. Oh no!!!! LOL This is too funny. Poor lady with the old phone number....

  3. Hahahahaha!!!!
    Oh could you imagine getting something like that on your phone. Awesome!

  4. Hello!

    I'm your newest follower from Mom's Monday Mingle. I enjoy your blog, and loved your post too cute:) I'm married to an Anesthesiologist, so I look forward to reading more of your blog. When you get a chance please stop by my website


  5. OMG there are no words...must be something in the air tonight about butt's and roids. We had a conversation this evening about how my husband during intern year single handedly learned exactly what a butthole should feel like and what it should NOT feel like. Apparently, this is big business in the world of general surgery. *sigh* I will be driving out of state for my colonoscopy as well. Good news is I have just under 2 decades to go before it's mandatory for my health check. And you can bet your ass someone else is changing their cell number real soon! (pun intended).

  6. OMG thats hilarious and terrible

  7. Funny.Found you at Mom's Monday Mingle. I am following you. Would you follow back. I find your blog interesting.
    Patrcia from Topiary Rose & Pat's Pink Apron blogs.

  8. Bahahahaha! That is too funny, but sad for DOR...and the poor lady who got his message!

    Btw- are you guys still doing Medical Mondays? I was all ready to link-up! :)

    1. Hi Jilly! The next Medical Monday bloghop is scheduled for October, 1st! For now, it's once a month, the first Monday of the month. However, with so much enthusiasm, we might have to consider making it a weekly link up. :)

  9. This is AWESOME!!! I found you on the Mingle...and I LOVE YOU already!!! I know it's a little early in our relationship for the L-word, but I'm absolutely head over heels!! Jump on over to my padded room when you have time at

  10. I am speechless. That's a good thing! Hilarious.


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