Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Truth: Why I Can't Blog Today

I am having difficulty thinking clearly. Why you ask? Is it the glass or two of vino I had with dinner? No. It is a lack of sleep? Well, yes, but no. I've learned to keep my mental faculties sharp despite continuous sleep deprivation. Was a smoking something herbal? Or perhaps ingesting some adult brownies? No. Still a virgin there.

Let me tell you the truth... the reason why I can't think clearly enough to write a post worthy of anything meaningful or humorous.

I didn't do any laundry.

I am out of panties.

I am wearing the only pair I could find in the deep, dark corners of my drawer and I can't believe they still exist... a pair of XS from my twenties. They are twenty years old and the elastic still works much too well. I have no blood flow to my brain.

Can't. Blog. Must. Do. Laundry!


  1. Hilarious!! Too funny.


    1. Oh, man! I was in such pain! I can laugh at it now after a load of laundry!! :)

  2. I hear you sister....I dread the 'reach into the back of the lingerie drawer' day.

  3. I used to work retail, and I still remember a customer who used to come in to buy new clothes because she didn't like to do laundry! :P

  4. LOL too funny. Nothing like the last resort of panties hidden in the deep depths of the drawers haha ;)

  5. There are few worse things than the back drawer socks and panties!

  6. I have actually gone commando to Wally World to purchase an emergency pack. I kid you not. I feel your pain.

  7. I totally feel your pain. Hilarious!

  8. I wouldn't have the self control not to make this an excuse to go underwear shopping, so I applaud you in that respect...

  9. LOL. But at least they still fit...kind of...well, if you can get them on, I say they fit!

  10. I can't tell you how much I hate it when that happens!

  11. Lolz :) I love to wear barely there panties 2355 . its very comfortable and sexy.


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