Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yesterday, my morning started out as any regular Monday morning... slow and groggy. Don't we all start our Mondays like that?

And yet, something always comes along which perks us up.

My perk usually comes in the form of hot liquid in a cup. The bolder the better. It takes a mountain to move this mama on a Monday morn!

But yesterday,  it wasn't my regular cup of coffee that got my juices flowing. It was a comment.


It wasn't even a comment I received on my blog. It was on another blog which I just happened to stumble upon.

I felt bad for the blogger. She is an uninsured writer who broke her hand and took issue with the hardships and costs of getting medical attention. Ultimately, she ended up setting her own hand. That IS awful! No doubt about that, right? She shouldn't have been ignored or treated so poorly by the doctor who saw her.

But, here is the comment that woke me right up and out of my slumberous state of being...
"fuck the medical community...
it is a amazing how many years of education that doctors go thru to become such self-righteous dipshits.
i would think they could become assholes with a partial associates degree at the local CC...
at least you got some pain meds.
doctors for the most part are just highly or over educated guessers..."

I have so much to spout out at this guy that I can't even type straight.

So I'll leave it as this...

Dear Sir,
I hope one day when you find your self in an OR needing life saving surgery at 3 am, you'll be pleased know your surgeon came in straight from the local CC with his fresh 2 year degree when you see him wearing this..

Instead of this..

Should you make it off the table alive, I'm sure you'll be utterly pleased to know your urethra is now tied to your carotid.
This officially makes you a crippled pisshead.

So I hand it over to you, my friends... what would your reply be?


  1. That's exactly what I was going to say... The first time this guy's finger hurts or he sneezes he's going to run to the doctor. And if he is too arrogant to go? Let's see how well he fares then.

  2. hahaha nice!! Good for you! =) People don't think before they speak...and if that is them forming a logical thought then that's scary. lol

  3. What I am dying to know is did you leave a comment? Some people are beyond help - he sounds like one of them. And he would probably be the first person to sue his doctor just because. I wonder what he does? Maybe his job could be done by a primate. What an awful Monday morning!

  4. It's unfortunate how some people feel the need to voice such bold and negative comments on people's blogs. People really don't think before they speak, especially when it comes to things that they obviously don't know enough about.

  5. I think you nailed it on the head with that comment. Why do people always feel the need to insult skillef and educated people just for being skilled and educated?

  6. I say the following with the upmost respect.

    My Mother is an RN so I know how hard a job in healthcare can be and I've met alot of the doctors and I can understand how hard it can be to be all sunshine and smiles when you usually see the worst of and in people.

    That being said....I am a firm believer in holistic medicine for chronic conditions mainly because I've seen them work firsthand.

    BUT...if I get gored by a bull...or have bones sticking out somewhere. I wan't a doctor cause no amount of herbs, reiki, or prayer is gonna help.

    I would like to take this moment to thank the doctor that took my gallbladder out also...while I was three weeks pregnant...and we both came out fine. <3

  7. Lmbo! I am have been a clinician in the medical field for a few years now and can somewhat understand the bloggers frustration, however misdirected. The picture of the "t-shirt doc" was simply classic....Visiting from SITS. I missed your SITS day, but am so happy to have come across this post, especially after a hellacious day at the hospital. Cheers! www.be-quoted.com

  8. I love it! I hope you left your comment for that stupid a$$ho!e!!! I work in the insurance industry (no we're not the enemy) and I fight public opinion everyday. People don't stop to think that individuals had to pay to go to school - a LOT of money - to be able to be a doctor. And it can be a THANKLESS job! And with government regulations, the cost of malpractice, and the government telling the medical community that they cannot charge for their work - we are probably headed to the 2-year medical degree because it's hard to pay off school debt and support a family. That tool should TRY and educate himself, but medicine is not advanced yet to give him a brain!

  9. Nothing I could say would top your comment. High-larious, woman!

  10. I received one similar to that on my blog. What can I say?

  11. First off, your comment, HILARIOUS! Secondly, what a first-class douche. Maybe he should just do every doctor who may have the displeasure of treating him in the future a favor and just consult Web M.D. or a how-to video from YouTube. That stuff's legit right? And thirdly, I agree with the commenter above me, I'm pretty certain that anything I could have possibly come up with would not have topped that comment.


  12. Sounds like his opinion is in need of an education...

  13. Sounds like his opinion needs an education!!


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