Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Tidbit of "Dr. Wife" Advice: Charity Donations

To my Dr. Wife friends,

When you and your Doc H find yourself in a place where your feel you can share some of your finances with charitable organizations, consider yourself warned...

Do not, Do Not, DO NOT EVER sign your names "Dr. and Mrs."

I made this mistake two years ago and it still haunts us.

The amount of mail we get around the holidays from various charities is overwhelming, and frankly, a waste of poor trees.

We all have causes that are near and dear to us for our own personal reasons. We give to those charities and causes because we WANT to support said cause. We don't give simply because some random charity mails us a request for donations. Do you?

On to my example....

Today, I received a mailer from Heifers International.

Excuse me?! Who's calling me a heifer?

I was completely baffled. Had no clue it was a charitable organization. I seriously thought it was a piece of mail connected to my Weight Watchers membership and I was annoyed and quite offended.

Upon closer scrutiny, I realized it was a charity pandering for donations to help supply villages in third world countries with goat and cow heifers in an effort to provide children and families with milk.

Okay, the hair on the back of my neck could stand down.

I flipped the mailer over and immediately recognized what mailing list they bought.

Two years ago, I made the mistake of donating and signing our names "Dr. and Mrs." rather than "Mr. and Mrs." as I normally do. This single, one-time mistake has clogged our mailbox worse than a tween boy and his commode.

Do yourselves a favor... when donating, stick to the "Mr. and Mrs."



  1. Excellent advice that I will be sure to follow. We already get a ton of unnecessary mailings that I don't even bother to open anymore. I don't have time for paper!

  2. Good advice! Maybe that charity should pick a different name ;)

  3. This is so interesting, I would have never thought about this. Thanks for saving us the hassle!

  4. you don't say....my alma mater just sent me YET another request for more $ after I just sent them a check...super annoying. And I signed the previous donation with Dr and Mrs--and I think I had to divulge where the $ was coming from...good ol' doc's salary. *sigh*

  5. I think it's awful that you donate once or twice and are then hounded for life. Thanks for the advice ;)


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