Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner

Because the water in our swimming pool is way too cold, I'm seriously considering drowning myself in the dog's water bowl.

Apparently, I cursed myself with yesterday's post.

Guess who's coming to Thanksgiving dinner?

GAH!!! and WAHHHH!!!!

the. beau. hunk.

I was looking forward to the holiday. I was so excited I even started cooking side dishes last night. Now, my excitement has waned and I am seriously considering digging out an old sippy cup out of the recessed corners of our kitchen cabinets, filling it with some gewurztraminer, and curling up in the fetal position on my closet floor.

Of course, Doc H is taking this news all in stride and is rather calm about it. He suggested two dinner tables. One in a different room.

But, deep down inside, I know he's hoping his pager goes off.

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  1. I'm confused - why would he invite himself to your lovely Thanksgiving dinner? I'm still waiting for an invite to my boyfriend's family dinner and I live with him! Put a bowl on the front porch and let him help himself.

    1. He didn't invite himself... I'll give him that. D2 invited him. :(
      I hope you get your invitation soon! If you're living together, that's kind of rude, huh? I'm guessing they don't like the idea of "living together"?

  2. OK, this is your chance to scare him away! Can you think of any inappropriate and/or bizarre things you can do? My friend once invited Rich (the ex-fiance) and I over to Thanksgiving dinner and in complete earnestness, her family proceeded to do the most bizarre things! In lieu of a prayer or saying what they were thankful for, they held hands and loudly sang some song we had never heard before. Then, her uncle stood and read a political poem that was totally unrelated. And, her cousins that were unshaven/all-natural/vegan told us all about their alternative college experience at the Hari Krishna school. My friend is a blonde med. student who runs marathons...there was NO indication of what we were in for! It was absolutely hilarious...basically, out of a sitcom.

    Any chance you can pull out some similar craziness and scare this kid away?!

    1. I almost peed myself reading your comment, Red!! That is seriously hysterical! I think that's worthy of a Thanksgiving blog post, don't you?
      LB is pretty witty and funny. Maybe I could have him write a song? I could assign the topic. Male circumcision maybe? Maybe that would do it??

    2. Ahahahaha! Maybe work into the song that Doc H is happy to perform circumcisions free of charge for all males who will potentially join his family. Too cruel? :)

    3. I'm all for having him do chores like cleaning the dishes and feeding the dog (and giving it a bath). Then complain about how he does every little thing.

      What about a family uniform? And demanding that things have to be done a certain way. You want dessert??? I'm sorry; you have to drink two glasses of milk and eat two scoops of green beans. A slice of cake and a cookie? What are you? A hog??

  3. Times like this I bet you wish you had a pager ;)

  4. Visiting from Crafty Spies and I love what I see! Looking forward to reading more as your newest reader!
    -Rachael from The Rehomesteaders

  5. Oh I love the idea of scaring him off with a song about circumcision!! That's awesome!

    New follower via the Hop :)

  6. It's not just the always good, well mannered, thoughtful son lost his senses entirely when he started dating his last long-term girlfriend. There were some pretty intense moments, I have to say.

    But the important thing about Thanksgiving is being thankful, and who better to be thankful for than family (even if they bring the boy who makes them cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. :)


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