Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Life on the Bookshelf

A school assignment sent me and D3 to our local mega-bookstore. 

While waiting for D3 to find her book, 
I meandered over to the "medical" section to see 
what was sitting on their shelves.

Along with many USMLE study guides and medical dictionaries, 
I found this beauty...

Yes, that's an anatomy coloring book for adults 
who might need a little helping differentiating 
the superior vena caval system from the inferior vena caval system. 

I bought it.

Just next to the medical books...

...reminding me continue with my effort 
to find more vegetarian recipes and feed the family healthier foods.

And mixed in with those..
...just to reinforce my love of chocolate. 
As if I needed another reason
 to break into the hidden chocolate stash in the pantry.

Then I turned to scan the books on the opposite side of the aisle 
only to find all these titles staring back at me...
Reminding me how being a "doctor's wife" is all smoke and mirrors... 
at least, it is for me.

And, last, but not least...
Yes, I felt it YELLING at me. 
A reminder.
Maybe the shoes are just not enough?

As I walked away I thought,
there it all was.
Almost my entire life 
in one single, short aisle of a mega-bookstore.

But, I shook my head telling myself
I was so much more then just one tiny section of a bookstore.

I have kids who are a great part of my life.
They bring me great joy.
They bring us great love.

Then I checked out the items at the end of the bookshelf...

Oh, yeah.
There it is.

My life.


  1. Yep... I got that anatomy coloring book my senior year of high school for a Christmas present. I was kind of OBSESSED. :)

  2. Hahahaha! I was waiting to hear what book represented your kids. I think I need that chocolate book along with a Harlequin novel :)

  3. Thank goodness you weren't in the porn aisle. Pretty sure that would've embarrassed D3

  4. I have used that Anatomy colouring book! Sigh... are you enjoying the book still? :-)

    1. I use it as a reference. LOL! I keep telling myself I'll get around to coloring it... eventually.... ;o)

  5. My college had a mandatory freshman health ed class. The anatomy coloring book was one of the required texts. I think most of us walked past it in the bookstore and rolled our eyes. Given that the class required 5 different books, neither me nor my friends ever bought that one. (And fortunately for us, it wasn't one of the graded assignments!!)

    Glad to see that it has other uses.

    Happy new year!!


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