Thursday, December 6, 2012

If You Don't Enjoy Medicine, Do Not Go To Med School

Just sharing a thought...

If you don't enjoy medicine,
Do not go to med school.

If you do not enjoy med school,
Do not become a surgeon.

You will be grouchy.
You will push cases onto your colleagues.
You won't carry your fair share of the work load
and it WILL be noticed
and it WILL be resented.

Find something you love.

If you don't love medicine,
DO NOT become a doctor.


  1. I just found your blog a couple of months ago, and I have really enjoyed catching up on your posts. You are so funny! My husband is in his final year of an internal medicine residency,(we got married right after undergrad) so I love reading about someone on the other end of this crazy journey. Although a fellowship is probably in our future, so we aren't done yet.

    I don't think he's experienced a lot of doctors not wanting to be there, although I'm sure he's seen some, but he's dealt with several who SHOULDN'T be pursuing a medical career. There have been a few interns under him that left him scratching his head wondering how they even made it out of medical school. I'm sure the longer we're on this crazy medical ride, the more he'll deal with doctors that should have picked something else!

    1. Welcome, Larissa! Glad to have you on board! Has your Doc H chosen a specialty? That will determine the level of craziness. :)
      Just wait, there are so many more crazy stories to come. Just read along and learn from my mistakes! Holy cow, I've made PAH-LENTYYYYYYY!!! Oye.

  2. And may I add, it is rare to develop a love for medicine after you get into med school if it wasn't there before.

  3. Short post, but says exactly what needs to be said. This is so very true.

    1. Nothing worse than a doctor who hates his/her job!

  4. Oh my word, this is so true! Medicine is way, way, way too hard a job to do it without loving it. Sigh. I see so many unhappy medical students and doctors who would have been much happier had they followed their hearts.

    1. I think many go into it to make their parents happy or they were drilled as children that becoming a "doctor" stamps you as "successful". Well, I can tell you, it may make them "successful" in the eyes of others, but their colleagues and patients will think they suck monkey balls.

  5. That seems like pretty sound advice.

    Conversely, if you don't enjoy poverty, don't become an artist. Go to med school.


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