Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What My Teens Want for Christmas: Money

You know what I love about teenagers? At Christmas, all they ask for is money.

Seriously, it's number one on their Christmas list. These kids want big ticket items and they know the elves up at the North Pole don't hold the patent for the iPad, or MacBook Air.
To our kids' dismay, they won't be receiving 100's as pictured.
They'll be getting ones. That's how we roll.

So after two 8am runs to my mall. I am pretty much done. I need a few stocking stuffers, but I can handle that quite easily.

No more ToysRUs madness. No more nighttime assembly of toys and bikes. No late minute scurry for the batteries I forgot to purchase. No more creative wrapping of over sized boxes.

Instead, this year it's shopping simplified: a couple items from the mall and one trip to the bank.

Maybe next year I'll have more energy for a more personalized Christmas. But this year? This works just fine for me.


  1. If money's what they want anyway, go for it! You should make them work for it, though. Hide it around the house and give them clues. Money in an envelope is too easy!

    1. THAT'S a GREAT idea!!! I like it better than a bunch of ones in a shoebox (which what I was planning on doing).

  2. Great idea Red! Makes it fun, and they get what they want. How much money has been wasted on gifts that no one wanted or needed just so a gift could be given? I can't keep my grinch under control. Even my little kids like money. Maybe I will wrap $1 bills individually in boxes. They like opening presents too:-)

  3. It's wonderful isn't it? I still have an 8yo that pretends to believe in Santa. But at least my load is reduced by 50% since -yes -all the teen wants is money!


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