Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chapter Closed

One chapter in our lives has closed.

Doc H and I are finished.

We are done.

We have finished parenting "kids".

LB went behind our backs, and when we weren't looking, he turned into a teen.

We are parents to one adult child and three teens. Now, I'm feeling a bit old... and tired.

No more Tween Tales to report.

I suppose they will be renamed "Teen Tales".

*****super long sighhhhhhhhhh*****


  1. Happy Birthday to your newly minted teen! It goes so fast! I still have my 9yo but not for long (although he figured out how to text from the iPad the other night - so I guess that makes him a tween of sorts). And less than 2 years before the teen goes to college. It's so strange!

  2. Dont stop my heart like that you attention grabber! That is sad though, teenage angst full speed ahead!

  3. I love interacting with Mom and Dad now that we're all adults. I think they like it too :)

  4. I'm sure there will be plenty of teen tales to report. My favorite milestone was when the youngest started high school. Make that second favorite. My favorite was the one where I no longer had to pay for childcare because he could finally stay home alone.

  5. I was a little worried when I first started reading!! phew....Happy Birthday to the new teen:) Now the real fun begins? I am kind of dreading the teenage years with my two girls (which are a long way off) I hope I have the patience, grace and sense of humour that you have to handle the tough situations!

  6. Oh no! 'Luke' (a la Modern Family) is now a TEEN? It broke my entire heart and soul when my little sister turned into a teen, so I COMPLETELY understand your pain!! Have you been catching up on Modern Family? Luke is growing up there too!! WHY DO THEY GROW UP!!!

    On a less depressing note, happy, happy birthday to the LB! :)


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