Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Husband is a Wanted Man

I love my husband. He is most definitely a wanted man, but that's not the type of "want" I'm referring to.

Doc H is currently negotiating a consulting contract with the medical company who acquired his first start up. The negotiations have been going on for months. For the past year, he has been traveling around the country, using ATO time, to help market the technology he "birthed".

After much discussion, Doc H and I decided the lost hospital wages, time away from home and family, and the toll the travel takes on him is no longer worth the aggravation. If the medical giant wanted Doc H to continue to stand behind the product and be their talking head, they would have to pony up... handsomely.

So, here we are-- The negotiations seem to finally be coming together which means Doc H will have to take the contract to his PIC for approval.

Last night, I asked Doc H if he thought he would get any resistance from the hospital. He said he shouldn't, but if he did he would just tell them he would resign and head over to another hospital who has been knocking on his door.

My husband is a wanted man... and it is a blessing I will never take for granted.


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  1. Congrats!! This is so exciting!!

    1. Well, we'll see what actually pans out. I'll get excited once everything is signed off by all parties. But, thanks for the good energy!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Nothing's signed yet and, who knows... watch it stall for some "unforeseen" reason. I'll be doing my happy dance once we have a signed contract! :)


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