Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Eagle Scout and the Beau Hunk: Christmas at Our House

Four months later and the Eagle Scout still flys high at our house... and so does the Beau Hunk.

In early December, I bought the Eagle Scout a Starbucks gift card as a little Christmas gift. As I was paying, I remembered the Beau Hunk would be home from his basecamp and would most likely be over the house at some point over the holidays. So, I bit down hard on my lower lip and purchased one for him, too, in the same exact denomination. God forbid, I be accused of playing favorites.

As I exited Starbucks, I could taste my own blood.

At Christmas, the Eagle Scout came over with his out-of-town grandparents who wanted to meet their grandson's "girl". They were very nice and we enjoyed getting to know them over a cup of tea. The Eagle Scout was very appreciative of the gift card and acknowledge the words of encouragement I had written in his card. He took his card home.

The Beau Hunk was able to come over only because D2 picked him up and brought him over. When I gave him his card, he looked at it like it was odd I was giving him a gift, opened it, said a quick thank you, and never said anything about the message I wrote inside wishing him well and telling him how much we admire his service to our country. After he left, I found his card all balled up and thrown in with a pile of crumpled up Christmas gift wrap.

I never mentioned it to Doc H. It would just be another Beau Hunk conversation between the two of us which ends in simultaneous sighs and eye rolls.

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  1. Wow, who throws away the card AT the gift giver's house??? Beau Hunk strikes again!

  2. How disrespectful! I have one teen girl, I live her boyfriend, reminds me of MrFun way back when ;)

    1. I like Eagle Scout. He's still has some maturing to do, but you can tell he's the type that will grow up. I have my doubts about the Beau Hunk ever growing up.

  3. I revise my earlier comment about Beau Hunk on your most recent post. Beau Hunk get's an A+ for douchebaggery.


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