Monday, March 11, 2013

Conversations with My Surgeon Husband

There are certain discussions that can go on in a doctor's/surgeon's home that could be misconstrued for callous, uncaring, and unkind if heard by anyone who doesn't live inside the home or live a med life. Usually, I notice this as soon as the words fly out of my mouth and pray all the windows in our home are shut, so none of our neighbors can hear.

Doc H is running around the house, dressed and ready to leave for the hospital on an early Saturday morning. I hear him downstairs rummaging around gathering, what I imagine is his white coat, hospital ID badge and keys.

Me? I'm pounding at the keyboard of my laptop, still in bed... writing, because that's what I do.

Unexpectedly, he makes his was into the room trying to be as graceful as he can, offering up a cup of coffee to me as repayment for scratching an itch he had at 5:30 that morning.

That's right. My heels in the air equal a hot cup of coffee. My man is a true gem.

I thank him. He turns to leave while muttering his schedule. He only has one hospital to cover today and one case scheduled in the OR.

"What kind of case are you doing" I ask as he's heading out of our bedroom.

"BKA - amputating a guy's leg," he says as he heads down the stairs.

"Oh, GOOD!" That won't take long at all.

::: GAH!!! Did I really just say that??!! :::


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