Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Does Bedazzling Lead to Vajazzling?

D2 came by the house to show me she had just "bedazzled" my old 2000 BMW that I had handed down to her.

For her eighteenth birthday she asked we buy her some purple BMW decals.

My poor, little, cute BMW. It has been customized in a way I don't particularly care for.

With much excitement, D2, invited me to come outside and look at how "cute" the car looked.

I saw these (in purple)

and this

And all I could do is pray...

Dear God,
I hope she didn't get carried away and 
get herself vajazzled.


  1. LMAO! I've never understood the vagazzling craze. Of course I've always thought shaving everything off down there was weird anyway. I'm a grown woman....I'm all for landscaping but there is supposed to be something there.

    1. Ha! Maybe shaving a "landing strip" isn't enough for some of these younger men. Perhaps, some are not so smart, or have bad eyesight and need the sparkle to help them find it?
      I don't know. I don't get it.

    2. Hahaha...I used to work at a full nude club and the younger guys would back away from the stage with a visible look of disgust if you had ANY hair there. The older men however loved it.

      I think there is a huge connection between that and the type of pornography they could get their hands on when they were teenagers.

      Cultural influence and all that.

      That might be a blog post.

  2. LOL I'd never heard of Vagazzling...hilarious though! Sounds like the BMW looks..."interesting" now hehehe

    1. So happy to educate you on the finer aspects of life. ;)
      I know! My poor car!!

  3. "Look Mom, I have a landing strip!" "As you have no pilot. I'm okay."

  4. HAHA. They do this here at a salon. It was not until just a couple of months ago that I even knew what a Vajazzle even was! ha.

    Now, I feel informed. And horrified.

    haha. you can post a photo of the bedazzled BMW! :) It sounds like a sight to see!


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